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*NSYNC Timeline – June 2006

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01 – JC posts on his MySpace, thanking fans for the positive feedback on “I’m Not Sleeping Alone.” He also says his album is done and being mixed right now.

01 – Justin photographed leaving the Ermitage Hotel

01 – Lance on Game Show Marathon (Let’s Make A Deal)

03 – Joey photographed at Luis Fonsi and Adamri Lopez’s wedding, at La Iglesia de San Jose, Villa Caparra, Puerto Rico

03 – Justin attends the taping of the MTV Movie awards, Sony Studios, Culver City, presents an award

05ish – Lance and Reichen spotted in Palm Springs this week, Monday in a restaurant, and at a gay bar called Hunters?

05 – JC posts to his MF blog that that I’m not sleeping alone is mixed, mastered, and done. And the rest of the album is in the process of being mixed and mastered.

06 – JC spotted shopping in LA-area Ikea?

07 – Lance on Game Show Marathon (Beat The Clock)

07 – Justin appearance on Jay Leno. (Pretaped from MTV Music Awards?)

08 – Lance on Game Show Marathon (Press Your Luck)

08 – MTV Movie awards air, with Justin as a presenter

09 – Lance spotted “chowing down an ‘Ozzy Osbourne’ dog at Pink’s, Aladdin/Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

09 – JC, Tyler, and friends photographed wearing silly golf clothes and partying in Orlando

11 – From Lance’s MySpace: Many have asked if Justin has a myspace page because it was on his website. I really don’t know, but I would assume if it was on his website then it is true.

12 – Justin photographed leaving Shag night club

13 – Rock On The Moon & Sing With The Stars Charity Auction, at Howl At The Moon, Orlando, Florida. Benefiting Joey Fatone’s Fatone Family Foundation (funding to support Camp Boggy Creek & Robin Wiley.) Silent auction and other activities. Lance (and Reichen?) attend

14 – JC appears on the Today show, in the “Hottest Bachelors” segment, playing the dating game? Because People has named him one of America’s Hottest Bachelors?

14 – Justin nominated for Choice Hottie for the Teen Choice awards, to be broadcast August 20

14 – Brief JC appearances on Extra! and Inside Edition, on their Hottest Bachelors segment

14 – JC photographed partying in Orlando

15 – News that Justin’s new single will be “Bringing Back Sexy,” going for adds July 25

15 – Justin and Cameron spotted having a late lunch at Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian Hotel, LA

15 – From Lance’s MySpace: I just got back from Orlando and I had such a great time. I got to see all the guys (minus Justin) and hit the town like the good ole days. I forgot how much I miss land and room to breathe. Dont really get that here in LA LA Land!

Joey’s charity event went great… a lot of people showed up and we raised a good bit of money! yea!

16 – Lance photographed with Deborah Gibson at Factory nightclub, West Hollywood

16 – Justin spotted at Hyde nightclub, without Cameron, possibly with Lauren Popeil

18 – From Joey’s MySpace: I AM A LUCKY BOY!!!!

I thought I would rub it in that on June the 21st my lucky ass is going to the premiere of SUPERMAN!!!! Thats right!!! you heard me SUPERMAN!!! Allof you may or may not know i am a big fan of him and all the other stuff that goes with him so a BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!! FOR BAUB OR BOB FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELL HIS NAME, HE WILL BE MY BITCH FOR THE NIGHT OR REALLY I WILL BE HIS BITCH FOR THE NIGHT CAUSE A OWE HIM!!Well I guess i do not owe since i am taking him so thanks!!! I will tell everyone how it was when I get back!!!!!!HA HA !

19 – JC does an interview with Ryan Seacrest in the KIIS studio in LA in the morning. He talks about being on the People ‘Sexiest Batchelors’ list: It’s odd. The photoshoot was done at the Whiskey. The first single, decided a week ago, will be Until Yesterday, co-written with Justin. Single out in August, album in the fall. About Justin and Cameron: Cameron kept popping into the studio when they were working.

19 – Press release about Justin. First new single, “SexyBack,” to ship to radio July 7. New album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, to go on sale September 12. Promotional tour in July, starting in Europe and Japan. Club tour in August in US previewing new album.

19ish – Justin’s UK web site updated: new background photo, Justin is bringing it back to the UK… New single “SexyBack” will be released in August, followed by the album FutureSex/LoveSounds in September.

19 – Clip of JC on Ryan Seacrest’s show airs on E! News

20 – Perez Hilton posts an email, allegedly from Lance: Ok Perez… You win. What you thought was a rumor…and what u assumed, is ALMOST true…I just told my story to one of the weeklies, and you were mentioned by them numerous times. They claim YOU figured me out..well like i said, you were almost right.
In any case, I’ll consider this a truce.

20 – JC photographed at the debut of the T-Mobile Sidekick 3, in LA. Lance also attended

20 – Lance and Reichen rumored to have been spotted later in the evening at Hyde Lounge

21ish – Rumors start that Justin and Cameron broke up last week

21 – Lance attends the Stone Rose opening in LA with Shannon Elizabeth. Reichen also attends? Perez Hilton claims “the two are living together and have been dating FOR OVER A YEAR!”

21 – Joey attends the premiere of the new Superman movie in LA. with Bob “Baub” Merrick

21? – Lance, Joey, Reichen, and Shannon Elizabeth spotted at Hyde in LA

22 – From Lance’s MySpace: So get this…. While I was in Orlando I was bit by something(black widow maybe) It bit me on the leg , and 4 days later I had the biggest , narliest bite ever. I couldn’t even walk it hurt so bad. So went to the Dr. and he said that it had gotten really infected and he would have to cut it open!! (This story is not for the weak) So they cut it out and make a huge hole in my leg! So right now I have an open wound that I have to shove gauze in every 4 hours! It’s narly and hurts like a biatch! I have never felt such pain. So now I have to gimp around all over the place.

Hope that wasn’t too gross…

and 2) Went to the opening of Kerry Simon’s new place and Randy Gerber new lounge. Was really nice, and love the food.

Oh wait I thought of more things to say….

Big Brother 7!!!!

Oh yes another fun filled summer of my favorite show Big Brother… You all have to help me vote in our favorites… Janelle of course, Howie, James, and Kaysar. Also want to see Diane go back in.

Is anyone watching Treasure Hunters? That is slowly becoming my favorite new show. Oh yes and Hell’s Kitchen… I love the summer reality season! Woo Hoo!

Joey is in town for a couple of days. He went to the Superman premeire and he said it was really good. And he is the biggest Superman freak ever.. so if he says its good, its good.

Ok… that is it i guess.. thats as random as i get today! Have a good day! LBeezy

22 – Lance on Game Show Marathon (Match Game)

22 – Perez Hilton claims that Lance and Reichen were spotted at bar Medjool in San Francisco. (Reichen is in town to be one of the Gay Pride parade’s Grand Marshalls.)

23 – People magazine quotes a source “close to Timberlake,” that Justin and Cameron are still “very much together.”

23 – Perez Hilton claims that Lance and Reichen were spotted in SF at Dog On Linoleum.

23 – Lance photographed at The Bedroom’s two year anniversary party at Fluid in San Francisco. Reichen reportedly also at the party

23 – Joey and Chris photographed at the Opening Party for the DJ Irie Weekend Celebrity Golf Tournament, at Mansion, Miami Beach

24 – Joey photographed at the DJ Irie Weekend/ESPN 2006 Celebrity Golf Tournament, Miami Beach Golf Course

24 – Joey photographed at the DJ Irie Weekend Celebrity Poker Tournament at The Forge, Miami Beach

25 – Justin, Cameron, and Rachel photographed in airport (LAX?) leaving for Europe

25 – JC photographed at Shane West and Eric Podwall’s birthday party. AJ also there

26ish – Justin to be shooting his new music video this week sometime?

26 – (Translated from a Spanish site) Elena Anaya is the protagonist of the new video-paper clip of Justin Timberlake. This video will accompany single by world-wide launching of the new disc of called Justin “FutureSex/LoveSounds”, that will go out the next month September. The video of this first single, “Sexy Back”, is rolling these days in Barcelona, in which Elena Anaya interprets a secret spy with whom Justin Timberlake falls in love and persecutes by all the city… Justin is supposedly filming in the gothic part of Barcelona.

26 – Lance posts on his MySpace: Sniglets

Words that don’t appear in the dictionary, but should.

Here are your Sniglets for the week!

Mopeeps (moh’ peeps) – n. People compelled to look through the curtain opening of your motel room as they pass by.

Mittsquinter – n. A ballplayer who looks into his glove after missing the ball, as if, somehow, the cause of the error lies there.

Nicflik- n. – n. A cigarette that exits though a car’s front window and reenters through the back.

Pajangle (pah jan’ gul) – n. Condition of waking up with your pajamas turned 180 degrees.

Backspackle (bak’ spak uhl) – n. Markings on the back of one’s shirt from riding a fenderless bicycle.

26 – Lance photographed (at a birthday party?) in West Hollywood with (gay porn stars?) Josh Vaughn and Benjamin Bradley

27 – Little Red Riding Hood with Joey is scheduled to be released on DVD

27 – From Lance’s MySpace: Fun website from Baub

27 – Justin, Cameron, and Lynn photographed in Barcelona

27 – Chris on the Justin/Cameron break-up rumors: “Justin talks about Cameron all the time. He says she thinks for herself and he likes that because he didn’t see that quality in other girls he dated before.”

30ish – Rolling Stone has short article about Justin

30ish – For People magazine’s special edition Celebrate the 90s, JC writes an essay, “I Survived A Boyband.”

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