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Submitted by on February 3, 2010 – 11:01 am2 Comments

We’ve cooked up a fun way to keep track of the crews and watch our favorite TV Judge, JC Chasez, on Season Five of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Join us for ABDC MADNESS!  (It’s the March Madness of dancing!)

Here’s the details:

1. Object of the game: correctly predict the winning crew of America’s Best Dance Crew, Season Five.

2. ABDC Madness is a light competition, meant to be fun. Winners win bragging rights. There are no tangible prizes for this contest.

3. Competition begins on the first Nationals episode of ABDC (after the West Coast Regionals) so keep your eye on the crews!

[Say whaaaaat?  Didn't watch the premiere episode?  Catch up at mtv.com or jc-chasez.net or check out MusicboxGirl's reviews every Friday. ]

4. Players must download the tournament bracket (will be provided for you), fill it out and send it back to a specified email address before Nationals begin.  Brackets will be accepted from 11PM EST February 11th until 10PM EST February 18th. Once the show begins at 10PM EST on February 18th, submissions are officially CLOSED.

5. Only ONE entry per user will be accepted.  If you need to change your pick after your submission, please do so as early as possible and make it clear that you’re changing your pick.  Once Nationals begin, you may not change or resubmit!  If your chosen crew goes home in the first Nationals episode, you are no longer playing the game.

6. There are no additional points for choosing which crews advance in which episodes and which crews go head to head, but it will be exciting to see how close some people get!

7. Once the final two crews have been announced, players still in the running will be announced. When the winning crew is announced, the players that chose that crew will be announced.

8. Poor sportsmanship will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

9. It is not necessary to be a member of the Still *Nsync forums to participate, however information and weekly updates, changes and discussions will be posted to the JC Chasez forum, which is visible for members only. For the best experience, please take a few minutes to register, and also join us via chat to watch the episode!

10. Most of all, HAVE FUN! We’re so happy to be able to see JC every week– this is just a fun way to be involved and invested in the show.

No matter how you choose to follow the season, we hope you enjoy it and that we see JC back for a Season SIX!

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  • V

    I am so excited for this!

  • V

    I am so excited for this!