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*NSYNC Timeline- April 2006

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01ish – Chris was on one of the Miami radio sports talk shows, as he was playing at a charity golf tournament in Miami. Said he was with the guys last week… pulled every Nsync string to get Super bowl tix, only found out recently that Britney was married and a mother

01 – Justin appears at the Nickeloedon Kids Choice Awards, won the burping competiton

04 – From the Music Freedom MySpace: MF has received a ton of questions asking about his page and other Nsync members, so here’s some facts for you

1. YES JC CHASEZ is on Myspace his URL is myspace.com/jcchasez
2. NO JC does not have other Myspace pages so anyone else claiming to be him is a poser.
3. NO JC is not in a relationship with someone referring to him as Jazzman and the link that person is posting is NOT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!
4. YES LANCE BASS is on Myspace his URL is myspace.com/basslance

If someone is in JC’s top 8 or Lance’s top 8 it is a legit person. Be aware of fakes people! Don’t talk to random people online anyway – it’s dangerous!

04 – Lance posts on his MySpace, asking for prayers for Robin Wiley, fighting cancer

05 – Lance visits the Ashes And Snow photography exhibit at the Santa Monica Pier

05 – Lance posts randomness on his MySpace: about visiting the Ashes And Snow exhibit, South Park, Rascal Flatts, sudoku, reading The Celestine Prophecy, remembering Justin reading CP on tour…

05 – From JC’s MySpace: Fake Myspace profiles

It has been brought to my attention numerous times that someone is claiming to know me and the rest of the group very well. We DO NOT know this girl and I apologize for anything she has said to insult you. Her profile has been deleted as well as the Justin site she was promoting.

06 – Lance tapes an episode of Game Show Marathon

06 – Joey photographed at Disney World Animal Kingdom’s new ride, Expedition Everest

06 – Justin and Cameron photographed leaving Ole Del Sol restaurant, West Hollywood

08 – Lance posts in his MySpace that he has a big suprise coming out the following week, in People magazine

08 – JC posts about his ‘boring’ day on his MySpace (coffee/muffin, hike, kite, studio, dinner w/out showering)

08 – JC attends Bret Harrison’s birthday party. (Did Lance attend, or was he in Mexico?)

08/09ish – JC spotted at the W. Hollywood Target

09 – Lance reports Robin Wiley’s death on his MySpace

09 – JC refutes claims that his MySpace account isn’t really him

09ish – Word that Joey is going to be playing in the Hollywood Knights basketball game in Norway later in the month

09 – JC goes on another hike, gets slightly lost, and later attends Jesse McCartney’s party

09 – Lance suggests people friend his realator/friend Reichen Lehmkuhl on MySpace. Links from Reichen’s profile show that he has Lance’s LA house listed for sale for $5.25 million

09 – Gossip from Datalounge that Lance and TAR’s Reichen were seen “cuddling” in first class on an Alaska Airlines flight to Cabo San Lucas. (This weekend, possibly?)

09 – Justin and Cameron photographed with Jeffrey Katzenberg at Lakers game

09 – From Lance’s MySpace: This would be incredible if…
…. all my myspace friends sent in just $5 (or more) to this guy! Please go to this website to find out who he is and how to send in a little bit! Good Karma points!! Thanks , LB


10 – Lance’s MySpace goes private

10 – Perez Hilton posts about Lance and Reichen

12 – Press release about the Hollywood Knights charity basketball game and VIP party in Bergen, Norway. Chris, Joey, and Nick and Aaron Carter are all scheduled to appear

13 – JC uses his MySpace to promote magician Keith Barry, and a show April 19th at the Whisky with Manic Mind and Stefy

13 – Robin Wiley’s memorial service was held at her house in Nashville. Nsync, and many of their crew members attended the six-hour musical celebration

13 – Justin, with Cameron, JC, and “another Nsync guy” spotted in a Starbucks in Nashville

13 – Lance (and Reichen?) spotted at On The Rocks in Nashville?

14 – Pictures of Lance in People Magazine’s celebrity diet issue show up, getting in shape for his new show for the CW

14 – Also at N9NE, Britney Spears’ brother, Brian, getting the Tiny KISS treatment: Three little people dressed as Pussycat Dolls and a plus-sized guy in drag. The finale featured a striptease by the world’s oldest male stripper, 65-year-old Bernie Barker. Witnessing the show were Freddie Prinze Jr., Dean Cain and Lance Bass.

15 – Lance photographed at Pure in Las Vegas

18 – From Lance’s MySpace: No Challenge for the Children this year… FYI

18 or 19 – Chris photographed signing autographs outside hotel in Bergen, Norway

19 – News that the release of Alpha Dog might be delayed due to legal issues relating to the person the movie is based on

19 – Joey and Chris attend the Hollywood Knights press conference, Bergen, Norway

19 – Chris and Joey go with the HK group on a tour to Mount Ulriken in the afternoon

20 – Justin photographed at a Union 76 station, putting gas in his BMW

20 – Joey photographed with the HK group at a simulation of a oil rig evacuation (being dropped from a tower in a liferaft) in Nutec. Not surprisingly, there seems to be no sign that Chris participated

20 – Joey and Chris photographed at basketball practice, Chris with icepack on right knee

20 – Hollywood Knights VIP party, Galleri Nygaten, Bergen, Norway

20 – Lance posts about American Idol on his MySpace. Rooting for Paris and Katherine, Chris D is his favorite

20 – Perez Hilton posts: Lance Bass and his new boyfriend, Reichen, are in love and parading their newfound relationship across the country – and abroad!

The happy couple recently went on a romantic holiday together in Mexico, and they were also just spotted last week in Nashville.

Now, a source close to Reichen and Lance tells PerezHilton.com exclusively that the twosome is planning – as of the time of this posting – to go on another intimate getaway together.

“Lance & Reichen are planning to go to [homo hotspot] Palm Springs together this weekend,” reveals our source.

21 – Joey and Chris photographed playing tennis with children from the Children’s Cancer Society at the Bergen Tennis Center

21 – Joey and Chris photographed riding karts at the Bergen Gokart Center

21ish – JC photographed partying in Orlando

22 – Chris photographed with some of the Hollywood Knights, at lunch at Steakers

22 – Hollywood Knights basketball game, Haukelands Hall, Bergen, Norway. Scheduled to appear: Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick. The Knights won, 65-59. Joey played; Chris was photographed with an icepack on his right knee.

22 – Chris and Joey both photographed at the Hollywood Knights afterparty

23 – Lance and Reichen spotted having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, Studio City, CA

24 – Chris photographed with the Hollywood Knights group on their trip via train “to Flam/Boats thru Fjords,” wearing Viking hat

24 – New JC track, I’m Not Sleeping Alone, is leaked

24 – Lance photographed at the “Brandon Davis and Replay Celebrate the Los Angeles Replay Store Opening and Launch of the Brandon Davis Jean” Afterparty, Los Angeles

24 – Joey photographed at the Rent 10th Anniversary Celebration, Nederlander Theatre, NYC

24 – Justin photographed leaving Shag nightclub (v. v. short haircut)

25 – News that Justin is one of the celebrities doing a PSA for Play Golf America

26 – Teen People reports that Lance attended James Franco’s birthday celebration recently at “just-opened ultra chic lounge, Hyde,” Sunset Blvd., LA

26 – JC photographed at US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards, Republic Restaurant and Lounge, West Hollywood, CA

27 – Justin and Cameron photographed leaving Club Shag, Hollywood

30 – News that Justin has a brief appearance in Nelly Fertado’s video “Promiscuous,”

30 – Justin has signed to do a new move, Stop Loss?

30 – From JC’s MySpace: Orlando

I’m back! I took a short trip to Orlando to visit The Folks for Easter.

Now I’m home and getting ready for the new record. If all goes well we might have some music for you guys to listen to. Stay Tuned……

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