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*NSYNC Timeline – March 2006

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01 – Justin photographed leaving a medical center in Beverly Hills, limping

01 – Joey photographed at “Red Carpet ‘06”

02 – Joey photographed at Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet, Day 1

02 – Joey photographed at L.A. Confidential’s Fourth Annual Oscars Party

03 – Joey and Justin photographed together (in a shopping mall parking garage?)

03 – Joey photographed at Global Green USA’s Oscar party

03 – Joey photographed at Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet, Day 2

05 – Joey and Lance photographed at the Night Of A Hundred Stars Oscar viewing party

05 – Joey and Lance photographed at the US Magazine/Rolling Stone Rock The Oscars party

05 – Lance and Joey interviewed briefly on KABC-TV at the US Weekly Oscar party

05 – Justin attended the DJ AM/Samantha Ronson “post-Oscar doubleheader in the Hollywood Hills”

05 – JC photographed at the 7th Annual Children Uniting Nations Academy Awards Celebration, Hollywood Paladium, LA

05 – JC photographed at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Oscar party

07 – Lance posts Sundance pictures on his MySpace

07-09 – Justin attends? the Brett Favre Forward Foundation’s Celebrity Golf Tournament and Benefit Concert, Cottonwoods Golf Course, Grand Casino Resort

08 – JC attends the Music Freedom Showcase, The Cutting Room, NYC

08 – JC photographed at Reebok’s Now Playing Conference & Launch Party

10 – JC photographed putting gas in his car

11 – Lance attends the final performance of the musical Rock of Ages at the RenMar Studios, Hollywood

13 – Lance posts on his MySpace: Holy Crap .. are you kidding me?

So it has come to my attention that my blog is one of the most read on MySpace…. which makes me very scared! Now I have people reading my stuff that probably don’t give a rat’s ass about me! lol

My blogs are very short and sometimes have no point, so I am embarrassed that that many people care what I have to say.

So, from here on out I promise to write more interesting things and make it more readable!

For all you newbies to me.. hi… if you don’t know already.. i am in a band called *NSYNC … and no we are not making music at the moment. We are all off doing crazy things for now. I for instance , am producing films and television.

The people that have been visiting my page have been amazing and very funny. I have a good time reading all the comments and getting everyones opinions (good and bad) on things. This site has allowed me to connect on a different level with many fans, which I am very thankful for.

I plan to make this page fun for everyone… and im learning quickly how to do things like add games and fun stuff to do. I am computer illiterate at the moment but its fun learning new things!

Sorry for making this long.. but I thought i needed to explain myself to the many new viewers. Next blog will be much cooler and interesting I swear!

Peeth ,


15 – Justin photographed leaving the Ritz-Carlton in NYC

14 – Lance appears in the audience on American Idol

15 – In his MySpace, Lance urges people to watch his friend Bret Harrison’s new show, The Loop, on FOX. He also mentions his friend Schuyler Fisk will be performing at The Mint on the 15th and 29th

16 – News that Lance will be appearing on Game Show Marathon

16 – Justin and Cameron photographed leaving their NYC hotel

17 – Chris spotted in Texas at the SXSW Festival

19 – Lance tapes an episode of Game Show Marathon. During one of the breaks during the taping, he sings a capella the chorus to IWYB

20 – Lance posts in his MySpace about being addicted to reading ‘Misconnections’ on Craigslist, and seeing himself mentioned

20 – JC attends the MTV premiere party of new show hosted by Wilmer Valderama, “Yo Mama.”

21 – Justin performs at a Sony BMG conference in a Miami hotel

22 – Lance posts in his MySpace that JC is setting up his own MySpace. He also mentions Brian Littrell’s solo album

23 – Lance tapes an episode of Game Show Marathon?

23 – Justin photographed at press conference at the Sony/BMG offices in Miami

23 – From the Orlando Sentinel: On the celebrity homefront, Justin Timberlake finally sold his Bay Hill home. Tony Mars and Valerie Kennedy of Colonialtown Realty report that Timberlake’s four-bedroom, four-bath, 5,000-square-foot spread — featuring an extra-large putting green, complete with 18 holes, two tiers and even a sand trap — fetched $2 million. According to county records, Timberlake paid $1.3 million for the pad in 1999.

24 – Lance posts an Nsync/BSB joke in his MySpace

24 – JC comments in Lance’s MySpace, thanking him for his help

25 – Lance sees Thank You For Smoking, recs it on his MySpace on the 26th

25? – Justin and Cameron attend Prince’s secret party at Teddy’s nightclub, Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood

26 – Lance posts on his MySpace that the Game Show Marathon is “going great”

26 – Lance posts on his MySpace: Idol Pic

I ran into some of the Idol kids last week at CBS… We share the same dressing room floor. I met Katherine McPhee, Lisa Tucker, Taylor Hicks, Chris D and Ace Young. They were all really great. I posted one of the pics I took. I’m such a geek!

26 – Lance posts on his MySpace that JC’s MySpace got deleted, and would be back soon

26 – New song, Say You Will is added to the Nigels 11 MySpace

28 – JC is back on MySpace, under jcchasez instead of the previous jschasez

30 – Lance tapes an episode of Game Show Marathon?

31 – On his MySpace, Lance recommends the forthcoming book written by his realtor Reichen Lehmkuhl

31 – News that Chris is scheduled to play basketball with the Hollywood Knights in Bergan, Norway on April 22

31-01 April 0 – OJ McDuffie’s annual golf tournament for Cystic Fibrosis in Miami. Chris to attend

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