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*NSYNC Timeline- January 2006

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01 – Tentative Edison release date?

02 – Photos of Justin, Cameron and Matt Morris spending New Years snowboarding in Telluride, CO appear

04 – JC photographed at the Volkswagen 2006 Annual Hollywood party, Getty Center

04 – Justin at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, addresses audience about MTV’s new Urge during keynote address by Bill Gates

04 – Justin and Cameron spotted dining among a big party at Piero’s Italian Cuisine, (Aladdin?), Las Vegas

06 – Joey photographed at the “Strip Las Vegas” magazine launch party, Scores strip club

06 – Joey, Tommy Lee and Joel and Benjy Madden get a tour of the Palms Fantasy Tower from George Maloof

09 – Justin appears on Style Network show Fashion Police, talking about William Rast clothing line

09 – From Lance’s MySpace: CFTC

Alot of you have asked if CFTC is happening this year. I would love to continue it forever because I have so much fun doing it. But, Im pretty sure you can figure out why we are not doing it this year.. so no need to get into it. It was a blast seeing everyone year after year… Joey and I are hoping to start something real soon that follows in the footsteps of CFTC, and I’m pretty sure Chris and JC will be there also(because if they don’t , ill kick their bums!) … so keep an eye out for that… because there is alot more charity fun to be had!!

7:40 PM

10 – From Lance’s MySpace: I decided to take the other blog down because it was getting out of hand. I just assumed everyone knew CFTC was not happening because we have not announced it. But then I got tons of mail asking where it was this year, when, etc. cause they were saving money and planning on it. So, i thought i would set the record straight. But i guess alot of other people would rather hear me say this…. so here goes and believe what you want.

“We have not decided on the dates yet for CFTC this year… so stayed tuned to NSYNC.com for the latest details! See ya there!”

It’s hard to convey through blog humor and different tones… im sorry if people took the other blog the wrong way. There is no blame on anyone, just the simple fact that some of us are really busy this summer and schedules do not allow them to do CFTC… and i dont want to insult anyones intelligence and pretend things are going to happen when they are not. Maybe i should start using more smileys so you know Im not mad.

12 – Ted Casablanca claims that Justin and Cameron are officially engaged, after their holiday ski trip in Telluride, Colorado

13 – Blogger Another Nite at Zac posted about having to deliver the masters for the JC Chavez (Backstreet Boys) album to FexEx tonight… in Atlanta

14 – Digital Spy posts that Lynn Harless has been telling neighbors that Cameron is pregnant

14 – Lance photographed at the grand opening of Jet Nightclub, The Mirage, Las Vegas

16 – Star Magazine reports that Lynn denies that Cameron is pregnant

17 – News that Justin is an investor in new restaurant Destino’s in NYC

18-21 – Justin plays in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, Palm Springs

20 – Justin signs autographs at the driving range at PGA west

20 – News that Lance and Joey have a television series in development, Out Of Sync, a “modern-day Odd Couple”.

22? – Perez Hilton claims that Lance’s coat caught on fire when he was at the Booty Parlor gifting suite, admiring a dildo called the Lancelot

xx – From Lance’s MySpace: Ok.. the article about from this Perez guy is 100% false! Yes my jacket caught on fire.. but my friend did it.. and i was not even around to see it happen! And about the rest of the stuff he said… that was just made up… this guy is a freakin’ loser.
Other than that little tid bit.. Sundance was amazing this year.

24 – Justin and Cameron go skiing without bodyguards. Cameron shouts at Wire Image photographer

25 – Picture of Lance and Justin snowboarding together at Sundance appears

25 – After Lance’s refuting the Perez Hilton story, Perez posts We stand by our original reporting 100%! Everything we stated that happed really did. Lance loved the dildo. Lance was and is flaming (and literally on fire).__Also, even if he were to dispute that, is he REALLY going to deny that he is gay, which we stated in the post? Because we all know Lance Bass is a major homo, so Perez was MOST DEFINITELY not 100% factually inaccurate.__P.S. Hey Lance, say hi to Jesse T. from Wilhemina. That’s one hot piece of mangina! You lucky bitch.

25-26 – Justin photographed “around town,” Park City, Utah

27 – Justin and other Alpha Dog co-stars are interviewed at Sidecar on Main Street, Park City

27 – Justin attends the premiere of Alpha Dog at the Sundance Film Festival

28 – Joey’s 29th birthday

30 – Justin photographed solo at a sushi restaurant in the San Fernando Valley, CA

30 – Cameron threw Justin a 25th birthday party at Bartolotta Ristorante Di Mare, Wynn, Las Vegas

31 – Lance posts Happy Birthday wishes to Joey and Justin in his MySpace

31 – Justin’s 25th birthday. From People.com: Justin Timberlake rang in his 25th birthday on Jan. 31 with his two favorite ladies – girlfriend Cameron Diaz and mom Lynn Harless – by checking out the Pussycat Dolls show at the Las Vegas club Pure. The trio – along with Dolls creator Robin Antin – watched the burlesque dance troupe shimmy and shake from the comfort of the roped-off Pussycat Dolls Lounge.

After the show, the group retreated to a private cabana until 2:30 a.m., where they toasted with champagne and vodka and Timberlake and Diaz smooched. The birthday boy also had a special request granted: DJ AM (Nicole Richie’s ex-fiancé) flew in from Los Angeles to spin for the night.

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