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*NSYNC Timeline – September 2005

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02 – Lance posts on the Nsider board about his plans for setting up a large charity auction on UBid.com to aid hurricane relief. He says he will also be participating in a telethon on the 9th, but I don’t think that happened.

02 – Justin to attend a birthday bash for Clipper Cuttino Mobley, hosted by Kevin Garnett, at club LAX, Los Angeles

03 – JC photographed at “Crest Vivid White Nights Presents Fall for White Party,” in Malibu, CA

04 – Chris is in LA. From Chris’ MySpace page, 1:11 a.m. :
im in la and need attention.
im very bitter about girls right now.
help me please!!!!!!!

04 – Article in Miami Herald about home movie theater designer Jeffrey Smith, mentions he did an I Dream Of Jeannie themed room for Chris.

04 – News from the fan club about the benefit show for Robin W.:At this time, the concert isn’t happening. The guys were going to sing one song at a benefit for a friend, but the logistics haven’t worked out.

07 – JC photographed at the Stuff Style Awards, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, LA Hanging out in the poker lounge is JC Chasez, who clearly has something going on as he and his buddies stand in a closed circle furiously text-messaging on their cells. Ya think they’re talking to each other?

08 – From Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth: Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, winning over the working class all across Kauai, Hawaii. Pit-stop uno: 7-Eleven. Justin’s “Cry Me a River” came on the radio while the couple shopped for grub. Hammy Cammy immediately shook her ass and sang along to her b-f’s tune in that off-key shriek of hers, as if she were auditioning for My Best Friend’s Wedding. Love it! Soon as Timber-cakes got over his giggles, he chimed in. The teenage-girl clerk was thrilled, asked for autographs and got ‘em.
Speaking of nuptials, the giddy couple was on the island to celebrate Cam’s sister’s wedding at the Waimea Plantation Cottages.
Earlier, they’d snuck off to Sin City for a romantic dinner beneath a waterfall at Okada, where Justin-poo laid a compliment on Cam, who was typically snazzy in silver silk top and jeans. She cooed back, “Thanks, baby. You’re pretty damn hot yourself.” I just adore it when beautiful peeps still need affirmation, don’t you? Vacationing agrees with these two; they laid $20 on a guy who filled their drinks, even though he wasn’t their waiter. I vote for Cam ‘n’ Just to relocate to Hawaii. No altercations with the paparazzi, no unfortunate shots of Diaz without her makeup. Actually, scratch that. I’d miss ‘em.

08 – Justin photographed filming a cameo appearance, complete with fake scars, for Sarah Michelle Geller’s new movie southland tales on the Santa Monica Pier

09 – Rumors that a Nsync Greatest Hits record will be released before the end of the year

09 – Lance photographed with Jamie Lynn Discala at the Tommy Hilfiger 20th Anniversary Celebration after party, NYC

11 – It appears that the JC/Santana track “If I Don’t” will not appear on Santana’s album

11 – Justin photographed golfing with Paul Harless at a golf club in Memphis

12? – Scheduled start of filming of Justin’s film Black Snake Moan in Memphis. Disrupted by Hurricane Katherine?

13 – JC in NYC for Fashion Week. Possibly at the Atelier for Pamela Roland’s show? And the Plaza for Nanette Lepore?

13 – Lance photographed with Jamie Lynn DiScala backstage at the Rolling Stones “A Bigger Bang” world tour, New York City

14 – Official announcement of Nsync’s Greatest Hits, to be released October 25

14 – JC attends the H&M Hennes & Mauritz fashion show, Splashlight Studios, NYC

15 – From the UK’s Hello: Meanwhile Justin Timberlake is also to tread the boards in the West End. The former N’Sync frontman has signed on to appear in Rock Your Body at the Old Vic next year. Generally disbelieved.

15 – JC photographed at the “Keep A Child Alive” Black Ball kickoff, NYC

15 – JC photographed with Tara Reid, front row at the Cuesto Barcelona show, Olympus Fashion Week, NYC

16 – JC photographed at the Heatherette show, Olympus Fashion Week, Bryant Park, NYC

16 – JC photographed backstage at the “Fashion for Relief” event, Olympus Fashion Week, NYC

16 – Lance photographed with Joanna Garcia at US Weekly’s Young Hollywood Hot 20 party, at LAX (club, not airport)

16 – From Blender Magazine: Former boy-bander JC Chasez is recording the follow-up to his 2004 solo debut, Schizophrenic, at the Church in New York City with producer David Maurice.

17 – Justin at “Edison portraits” photoshoot, Sutton Place, Toronto in conjunction with the Toronto Film Festival

17 – JC spotted, alone, at Brother Jimmy’s, 92nd & 3rd, NYC

17 – Justin attends the press conference at Sutton Place promoting Edison, Toronto Film Festival

17 – Justin attends the premiere of Edison at the Toronto Film Festival, Roy Thompson Hall

17 – Lance photographed at LA Confidential’s pre-Emmy party

19 – It appears that that JC’s collaboration with Carlos Santana, “If I Don’t,” will appear only the Japanese release of Santana’s new album

21 – Lance and Chris are invited guests to In Touch Weekly’s ‘Pets and Their Stars… Unleashed’ event, Cabana Club, Hollywood

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