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*NSYNC Timeline – July 2005

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01 – Reports that Justin threw up at Chi start to appear

05 – “Confirmed” list of celebrities for CFTC leaked on Nsider board.

05 – Ken Sunshine, Justin’s spokesman, denies Justin threw up at Chi

06 – Justin photographed at “Hustle & Flow” Memphis Premiere – After Party, Isaac Hayes’ Nightclub and Restaurant

09 – JC attended Jessica Simpson’s 25th birthday party, held at her parents’ LA home

13 – Joey flies in the evening from LAX to Chicago

15-16 – CFTC VII in Chicago.

15 – CFTC celebrity bowling game, 10Pin, Chicago

16 – CFTC basketball game, Allstate Arena, Rosemont.

21 – LA Times Calendar Live lists “pop power elite.” Justin comes in at number six: “No one gave him a chance to get past the whole N’Sync image, but he’s reinvented himself… The next record is going to be huge. He has the feel of a winner.”

22 – Joey spotted at Duffy’s Sports Grill, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, having dinner with four friends. Oh, if only they were the right four friends!

24 – Lance posts at the Nsider message board:
New Album question, Question answered!
I know everyone was waiting on an answer from us at Challange… and I am here to tell you that we did all sit down and talked about it. And… we did come up with an answer… and the answer is….oh crap my hot pocket is done!

HEy its Lance, Qustion for ya!
Joey and I are working on a comedy show in the lines of Curb Your Enthusiasm… what are your thoughts? Would you watch it? Blah Blah
It is basically the new Odd Couple… for all you youngsters that have not seen it… go rent it! Really good! Since the show is for all you guys , want your opinions!! Thanks! Peeth! ME

27 – Designer Magazine lists JC as their “Best Pop Single” of 2004 for BMU/SG

27 – JC spotted at the Backstreet Boys concert, Radio City Music Hall, NY. Sings part of a verse of IWITW?

30 – Justin and Cameron photographed golfing at Pebble Beach

30 – JC spotted at the Backstreet Boys concert, Jones Beach, NJ?

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