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*NSYNC Timeline – December 2004

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02 – JC appearance on CNBC’s The Big Idea airs. (Probably taped several months previously?)

02 – Lance attends the Motorola 6th Anniversary Holiday party at the Music Box, Los Angeles

03 – Lance photographed at the Spider Club, LA. Photographed later with a cigarette in his hand.

04 – Rumors that Justin will be playing Ironman in upcoming Marvel film

05 – Source: MySpace.com “ok, so last night, Robby & I played Chris K (from nysnc) in Halo and he fucked us up dude. Normally im not big on video games but im fuckin hooked. Especially after he kept fucking us with the Saber. If you guys ever thought Chris was weak for being in a boy band, trust me, not only can he kick peoples ass in real life, but he fuckin owns halo like a mutha fucker. He is here till sunday, so if any of you are good at Halo, we may have a match at my place with Chris and you will feel the wrath. “- Danny [from National Product]

06 – Lance photographed at the launch party for Krista Allen clothing line (SexBrand), Koi and/or Chi, West Hollywood

06 – From contactmusic.com: ‘N SYNC star JC Chasez regretted attending the Phantom Of The Opera after-party in London on Monday night, because he was embarrassingly underdressed. The pop hunk decided to fill a gap in his hectic schedule with a night out partying with the stars and movie-makers of Joel Schumacher’s epic big screen production of the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical. But Chasez — who’s currently working on his new solo album with Madonna’s recording team — rued picking the glitzy bash as his choice of entertainment that night. He said in the midst of the merriment, “I feel a bit embarrassed. I’m so underdressed. If I had known all the guys were going to be in suits I wouldn’t have come.”

07 – From Bev: Just a quick aside to all of you, last night we went to Chris’s to help him trim his tree. Such a good time! It was funny, because he just got his audio system worked out in his house, so we asked him to put on some Christmas music. He put on the Nutcracker suite. I was hoping for ‘N Sync, but it’s not like him to play his own stuff. As soon as the Nutcracker was over, the next song started to play and I hear one part STEREO! What a wonderful moment, to hear ‘N Sync Christmas music with Chris on the CD singing with Chris LIVE! Wish you had all been there, it was AWESOME!

09 – From the UK Mirror “Surveillance” sidebar: JC Chasez eyeing up girls in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, London… Also according to the Mirror, JC is working on a new album with Guy Chambers and Madonna’s producer Guy Sigsworth.

09 – Lance (and Chris?) attend the grand opening of the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa, Cabazon, CA

10 – From US Weekly: What’s Your Holiday Tradition?
JC Chasez: “Every year, I go home (to Washington, D.C.) for Christmas and follow the same routine: go to a Redskins game the day before Christmas, and then on Christmas Day, I go to my grandma’s house and grub.”

11? – Chris photographed at a Toys R Us in Florida, buying toys for charity

11 – JC and Eva attend Teri Hatcher’s birthday party at her home in LA

12 – Chris sings the National Anthem at the Steeler’s game in Pittsburgh. (His grandmother, Doris, is going with him?)

12 – JC and Eva spotting shopping and kissing in Beverley Hills

13 – JC attends the Spike TV pre-2004 Video Game Awards, Shelter on Sunset Blvd., LA

14 – Joey, Kelly and Briahna spotted at Disneyworld, for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

14 – JC is an award presenter on Spike TV’s Video Games Awards, Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA, live on Spike TV

17 — From Mark Malkin’s Insider column: Madonna’s tour stylist Gara Gambucci had quite the turnout at her birthday party at The Dime in Los Angeles. A newly buff Lance Bass was there. “He’s huge and muscley,” a friend reports.

18 — JC and Eva spotted at Swigs in San Antonio?

22 — JC spotted at the Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs basketball game in Orlando?

27 — Justin’s (step?)grandmother Harless passed away

29 – JC photographed at “L.A Hosts Miami Beach” party at Mynt & Rokbar, Miami Beach

30 – Joey attended the opening of Club Paris in Orlando

31 – JC and Eva photographed together at Opium, Miami Beach. Also at Mynt and Rokbar

31 – JC and Eva photographed together at the New Year’s Eve party hosted by Wilmer Valderama and The Black Eyed Peas at Mansion nightclub, Miami Beach

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