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*NSYNC Timeline – September 2004

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Justin on the cover of GQ magazine

Lance’s nephew, Keegan, born

01ish – Queries about a possible Little Red Monsters concert in Orlando in November for a charity event.

03 – News that Lance will be a “guest voice” (as an electrician) in a new animated Disney series, Higglytown Heroes

04 – Justin and Cameron photographed surfing on Oahu. (Their last day there.) The pair spent three weeks total in Hawaii, dividing their time between Maui and Oahu.

04 – News that JC will not be doing the show in China, due to an “unfulfilled agreement with China”. JC is in LA, away from Hurricane Frances, but Carlos and Gina are in Florida

04 – From the NY Post Hampton Diary: Sleep- (and Red Bull-) deprived at Jean-Luc East on Saturday night were Lance Bass, “The Soprano’s” Jamie Lynn DiScala and her hubby, A.J. — who all tried to order the energy drink and vodkas. The trio, eating with friends — including Michael and Marcy Warren — were looking for a “pick-me-up,” Bass explained to restaurant owner Edmund “Jean-Luc” Kleefield. One small problem: The bar had run out of Red Bull, causing head bartender Dave “Daiquiri” Gordon to zip up to a nearby Hess station to buy out their supply.

05 – JC performs at Z100′s Last Chance Summer Dance, Portland, OR, and performs BMW. During an interview, he says that he has been in the studio for the last week and is thinking of tracks for his next album

06 – Justin and Cameron photographed outside Joseph’s Café, Hollywood. Reportedly they “hung out” with a group of friends that included Elisha Cuthbert, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

07-19 – Joey’s originally scheduled vacation days from LSOH (wedding bells, maybe?)

07 – Justin and Cameron photographed at Dan Tana’s, LA

07 – Lance spotted at Suede?

08 – JC attends a Lacoste fashion show at The Waterfront in NYC in the evening

08 – For Joey’s wedding, the groomsmen traveled on a 110-foot yacht from Port Washington and cruised around NYC for the day. The ladies had a spa day at NuBest Salon and Spa in Manhasset. Asian-themed rehearsal dinner at the castle. Murder mystery game, scavenger hunt, gifts for the bridal party: bridesmaids, diamond necklace; groomsmen diamond bracelet.

09 – “Former N’SYNC star LANCE BASS shocked locals at New York’s HOOLIHANS bar earlier this week when he strolled in with a statuesque blonde and then refused to pick up the bill. The pop star and his friend turned up during happy hour at the popular bar and then made a scene when Bass’ companion decided her bill for tequilas and sparkling water was too much. One regular says, “Lance’s pal pulled out an American Express gold card and floating twenties to pay, but then balked at the high price for the bar tab. Despite her complaint, Lance didn’t flinch or dip into his own wallet — not even to offer to pay the tip.”

09 – Joey and Kelly’s wedding, (Oheka Castle, Cold Spring Hills, Long Island, NY). Kelly wrapped herself in a tablecloth to protect her dress during the cutting of the wedding cake… Self-written vows based on the Helen Keller quote “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.”… 255 guests… After dinner the band Smash Mouth played… Guests got to play on a Ferris wheel, giant slide, and bumper cars… Justin came solo… Chris wore jeans…

10 – Brunch at castle for wedding party

10 – JC attends the Fusha fashion show, Fashion Week, NYC

10 – JC spotted at the Marquee club, “canoodling” with Bai Ling

11 – JC attends the Baby Phat fashion show, Skylight Studio, Fashion Week, NYC. Bai Ling was also there, and rumor has it that she spent the night with him in his suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

11-12? – Lance in Las Vegas over the weekend at the Palms to help celebrate George Maloof’s fortieth birthday. Saturday spotted at Rain (Palms) after Maloof’s birthday/Palms Girl preview party at the “Real World” suites. Sunday at the Palms for the Maroon 5 concert and more birthday festivities.

12 – From the NY Post: COLD SHOULDERS– THERE were some tense moments at former *NSYNC-er Joey Fatone’s wedding to his longtime girlfriend Kelly Baldwin Thursday night. Guests and fellow band members J.C. Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass were shocked when Justin Timberlake strolled into the Oheka Castle ceremony in Cold Spring Harbor with a bodyguard as his date. “No one thought Justin would come,” said our insider. “The guys are pretty upset with Justin because he won’t do an *NSYNC reunion album and he has not been very supportive of their solo careers.”

12 – From Gina at MusicFreedom: I know you guys can’t wait for the next album, so here’s an update. JC and Carlos just finished up meetings in NYC with Jive about the next album. They are getting a list of producers together for JC to choose from as we speak. They have let him know that they are behind him 110%. JC is looking forward to working with many different producers and wants to get in the studio with Dallas Austin asap. We’ll keep you updated.

13 – Lance tapes appearance on Celebrity Blackjack, Hollywood Center Studios, Hollywood, CA

14th-ish – JC in Florida filming the Gap Christmas commercial?

15 – Justin photographed leaving Club Concorde, LA

15ish – Lance is listed as #10 in the Yahoo’s Top Ten Fan Fiction searches. Nsync was #8

16 – Lance attends the “Occasion of Opulence Celebrating the Best in Luxury, Fashion, Beauty & Design, Day 3,” Mondrian, West Hollywood, CA. (Photographed getting a spray-on tan.)

17 – Lance attends the Us Weekly Hot Young Hollywood party, Spider Club, LA

17 – Backstreet Boys are among the performers at a Hurricane Relief Concert, HOB, Orlando. Joey gets up on stage briefly before the show, joking disses the rest of his bandmates

19 – From US: After six months of covert dating, JC Chasez, 28, and Desperate Wives’ Eva Longoria 29 “came out” as a couple at the September 19 TV Guide Emmy party in L.A. The scoop: They tell Us they met at a charity auction — bidding on the same dog. Aww.

19 – JC attends the Emmys, LA, Shrine Auditorium

21? – Chris attends a Kerry rally?

21 – Lance speaks to students from La Joya and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo high schools, and the University of Texas-Pan America as part of Hispanic Engineering, Science and Technology week. He talks about his space training and encourages the students to continue their math and science studies.

23 – JC attends the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party, Chateau Marmont, LA

25 – Chris scheduled to be taping MTV Cribs at his house, cancelled/postponed because of hurricane(s)

25 – Justin photographed with Cameron. “Amid rumors of a breakup, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake take the high road – literally! – tooling around town in Justin’s loaded Jeep. The couple reunited after spending a few days apart – Justin in LA and Cameron in New York. Timberlake shaved his head and his beard for the occasion.”

25 – JC was to perform at the Wall of Hope China 2004 concert, at the Great Wall’s Juyongguan North Gate in Beijing, but had to cancel

25 – JC attends the “model boxing” at the Perfect 10 Mansion in LA

27 – JC and Eva attend the opening of the musical The Ten Commandments, Kodak Theater, LA

28 – The filming of Chris’ episode of Cribs is cancelled/rescheduled for a second time, because his house was damaged by Hurricane Jeane

28 – Justin scheduled to appear on the Today Show with Will Smith, promoting the movie Shark Tale

29 – JC attends the WB Rock The Vote event at the Steven J. Ross Theater on the Warner Bros lot, Burbank, CA

30 – News that Justin has a part in the movie Alpha Dogs, starting filming next month

30 – JC attends (models?) at the Macy’s and American Express Passport Gala Day 1, Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA

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