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Pop Odyssey: A Pop Journey of Epic Proportion!

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Pop: music popular with the general public

Odyssey :  a long series of travels and adventures

Pop Odyssey: An adventurous journey toward popularity, beginning as a dream and ending in reality

AKA– Biggest. Tour. EVER.

‘Nsync announced the Pop Odyssey tour in February 2001, which was to coincide with the release of the Celebrity album, scheduled to release in May but pushed back to July, 2001.  Despite the push back of the album, ‘Nsync hit the road in May of 2001 with 88 trucks going to 38 cities over 45 days at sold out stadiums across the country. Early on, Pop Odyssey was already being called the biggest Pop Tour ever.

‘member the awesome show opening? No? Take a peek!

‘member when Joey hurt his leg in rehearsals for the Pop Tour and had to sit out of the video shoot?  No Pain, No Wayne!

And then Wade had to fill in? Good Times!

Pop Odyssey was followed up in 2002 with the Celebrity Tour, which sold out arenas across the country and solidified ‘Nsync as one of the biggest pop acts of the decade.

Shall we take a stroll down memory lane?

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