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Lance makes the rounds

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I have a few Lance-centred pics and such… instead of making a lot of Lance posts, let’s just have a mini Lance Love-fest, shall we? Ready? OKAY!

Lance in Jackson, MS– looks like he got a chance to go home for the holidays.

Lance attended the Southern Hospitality Holiday party a few weekends ago. We haven’t seen the ‘hang ten’ gesture in awhile….

A Lance fan alerted us to a touching, really moving article that was published about Lance and what a difference he has made for the Gay community as well as their loved ones. We just HAD to share it.

The Year Lance Bass Saved Christmas -

I was never banned from my family Christmas like a lot of my gay brothers and sisters were, but after I blurted out “I’m Gay” to my father following a family trip to New York for Christmas, the holidays were fairly awkward for about 5 years. My family wasn’t pleased, so Christmas at home was pretty depressing. That is until Lance Bass graced the cover of People Magazine with the the quote “I’m Gay” screaming on the cover.

Read it. It’s fantastic!

Lance and Joey “Burn the Floor” on Broadway

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