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*NSYNC Timeline – February 2003

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01 – Justin scheduled to be on the Saturday Show, in the UK. The show will have Justin countdown the top ten live (taped!)

01 – Shuttle Columbia crash

01 – Lance attended the Gasparilla 2003 concert in Tampa

03 – From Space News, Lance will not be going up in October

03 – OnlyArtist.com goes live

03 – JC does a radio interview in Florida

03 – Entertainment news shows report that Justin’s birthday party was attended by JC, Britney, Alyssa, Tara and Christina

04 – Joey is among the stars taking part in Proflowers’ auction of signed, original celebrity Valentine’s Day cards, which raise money for American Heart Association.

04 – AP reports that because of the shuttle Columbia disaster, Russia will stop sending crews and paying tourists on short visits to the International Space Station for now.

04 – Justin nominated for two Soul Train awards

04 – Chris spotted at Suede in NYC

05 – JC in recording studio in LA, 6 p.m.

05 – Chris attends the opening night celebration of Lobby nightclub in NYC

06 – Dotmusic reports that Justin has extended his UK arena tour. ‘Justified’ is currently #1 in the UK. Unprecedented demand for tickets has led to extra dates being added in London and Manchester.

07-09? – Justin at the NBA All-Celebrity Game in Atlanta, with the beginnings of a goatee

07 – In conjunction with the NBA All-Star Weekend, “Love: In Concert in Atlanta” at America’s Mart Atlanta, Georgia, Chris attended

07 – Ted Casablanca reports JC was spotted enjoying his morning sustenance at Lulu’s Cafe in Hollywood. Accompanied by a dark-haired lovely and another cozy couple, JC looked adorably rumpled in a tee and sporty shorts, with longish locks approaching the mullet zone. Equally fresh-off-the-Sealy-appearing was JC’s gal-pal, wearing little makeup.

11 – Academy Awards nominees announced. MBFGW gets nominated for best screenplay? Joey is in LA with the MBFGLife cast.

11 – JC in-studio with JoJo on KIIS-FM, Los Angeles

13 – Nsync confirmed to be performing the BeeGees medley at the Grammy Awards February 23

14 – CMAR retires on TRL

14 – Justin was at the Playboy Mansion

15? – JC spotted by fans in West Hollywood

15 – Lance and Justin Guarini are spotted at Club Space in Miami Beach

17 – Justin arrives back in London

18 – Justin spotted at Sketch Club in London to celebrate the launch of Adidas Y3s new collection

18 – Justin spotted with Christina A, Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D., on stage at a London Fashion Week party. The all-star crew performed ten tracks for guests including Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, Craig David and Mis-Teeq.

18 – First annual TRL awards. Justin wins the ‘Rock the Mic’ Award for shutting down Times Square for his performance of LILY. Nsync wins for the ‘Gridlock’ Award, and JC calls in to accept

18 – Us Weekly reports Justin has been playing matchmaker for his friends lately. Best pal Trace Ayala is dating Tara Reid, who happened to be dating Justin’s bandmate JC Chasez prior. “They’ve been dating for about three weeks,” a source explained. Meanwhile, Timberlake’s ex-galpal and ‘Charmed’ star Alyssa Milano is seeing dancer Jimmy Federico, who is set to tour with Timberlake this summer. The source added that Jimmy “comes to the ‘Charmed’ set and spends a lot of time in her trailer.”

20 – Justin presents at the Brit Awards (Earl’s Court, London) and does a duet with Kylie Minogue

20 – Justin spotted dining at the Monteliano restaurant in Central London with Kylie Minogue and her sister Danni Minogue

20 – Justin attends the BMG Music After party at Home House Club, London. Rumor has it that Danni Minogue spent the night with him. Or was it a cover for Kylie?

21 – Justin (and Janet Jackson) both leave London for New York on the Concorde

21 – All five in NYC, rehearsing for BeeGees tribute performance for the Grammys. Joey and Lance are photographed entering a Manhattan hotel

22 – RYB premieres on TRL

22 – Nsync attended Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party at the Regency Hotel’s Grand Ballroom, NYC

22 – The NY Daily News reports Justin hung at Suede on Saturday with Lance, Joey and Chris, while a party for his ‘Justified’ solo album raged at Flow without him. According to spies, he graced his own pre-Grammy party only at the last minute.

23 – Nsync attend the Grammys at Madison Square Garden.  Justin presents ‘best pop vocal album’ award with Kyle Minogue. Nsync performs an a cappella tribute to the BeeGees. Chris brings Bev, Lance brings Carrah. Justin, Chris, Lance and Carrah spotted at the BMG after party in Gotham Hall. Nsync and Nelly & the St. Lunatics hosted their own afterparty at Palms Casino Resort. Justin spotted with Kylie Minogue at Drew Barrymore’s private post-Grammy party, Mercer Kitchen Hotel. Lance says he’s still planning to go into space in October

24 – Chris is spotted at Suede

25 – BMU single released

25 – Lance attends the afterparty for the premiere of HBO’s ‘Six Feet Under” at the Highlands in Hollywood, CA

26 – Lance tells Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com he still plans to get on a Russian space shuttle this fall and take a trip to space, despite the Columbia tragedy. “We’re ready to go this October,” Bass said. “The money is all in place and everything is set. We were almost there last fall but we got screwed at the last minute by certain people. We also had MTV and others ready to go. But now everything is settled.” Meanwhile, after seeing Lance and his bandmates, he says they “seem very together and bonded.”

26 – announcement that Lance has signed on to serve as the lead judge for NBC’s upcoming four-episode series “The Search for the Most Talented Kids in America” and will be joined each week by two celebrity guest judges. Mario Lopez will be the host. The show is scheduled to premier Friday, March 21.

27 – Rumors start that Justin will be appearing on a episode of ‘Will & Grace’. “In the award-winning comedy, the ‘N Sync frontman will play a scheming gay gigolo who steals the heart of flamboyant Sean Hayes’s character Jack, and swindles him out of money. The 22-year-old singer reportedly plans to donate his $50,000 paycheck from the show to an AIDS organization.”

27 – News that Lance will be the lead judge for NBC’s upcoming four-episode series “The Search for the Most Talented Kid in America”, set to air in March

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