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*NSYNC Timeline – July 2002

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01 – Bases To Benefit RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) announces charity auction with celebrity-decorated baseball bases. Joey has done one. Auctioned off on Yahoo, beginning July 11

02 – JC attends P. Diddy’s “Independence’ party at Eugene’s nightclub, West 24th Street, NY.

04 – Justin sets fireworks off in his neighbor’s back garden

04 – JC attends Candyland Party, Tavern Night Club, Southampton, NY. Pics taken of him and Brazilian model Marcela

05 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake was spotted with his bodyguard/training partner at Crunch in the Sunset 5 complex in West Hollywood. The gay gossip writer said, “Lookin’ tall and toned, J.T. wore loose-fitting workout gear for this exercise occasion (You’ve noticed those taut muscles he’s been sporting these days – admit it).” He added, “Whatever the choice, I’d say bachelorhood suits *NSYNC’s leading man.”

06 – LA Times ‘Club Buzz’ reports Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott, Mark McGrath, and Justin Timberlake partied last Saturday at A.D. in Hollywood. They also report *NSYNC star Lance Bass recently chatted with former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash for about 10 minutes backstage at the Forum after a recent Aerosmith visit. Lance actually didn’t know who Slash was, but was just being polite.

08 – Joey starts Rent rehearsals

08 – The New York Daily News reports Joey celebrated his new role in ‘Rent’ on Monday night at the China Club, where he dined with pals.

08 – Frances C. Kirkpatrick, Chris’ grandmother, died at the age of 84

09 – Driven special on Nsync to air on VH1

09 – NY Times has announced that Joey will be in Rent as Mark from August 5 to December 22.

10 – Joey on TRL

12 – Russian Space Agency has asked the International Space Station Multilateral Coordination Board for permission to launch the ‘NSYNC singer as early as this fall, according to a letter sent to the nation-partners in the International Space Station. “It’s official, he’s their candidate,” confirmed NASA spokesperson Dwayne Brown. “We did indeed receive a letter nominating Lance Bass for the October flight.”

12 – The New York Post reports the night before Janet Jackson played tonsil-hockey with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake last Saturday, she was hooking up with her other squeeze, Jermaine Dupri. The rapper/producer bolted from an industry retreat with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs in Atlanta to spend an evening with Miss Jackson, only to find Timberlake move in on his gal the next night.

13-14th-ish – JC spotted in NYC

13 – The New York Daily News reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake was spotted having dinner with a couple of his bodyguards at Nobu in Miami Beach on Saturday night. Timberlake had checked into the Mercury Hotel in South Beach and checked out on Sunday, and reportedly had some company while staying there.

14 – As part of his rigorous cosmonaut training, which the pop star finally started last week in Star City near Moscow, Bass will be dropped into the Black Sea in an emergency-splashdown test and left to fend for himself in a Russian forest without food or supplies. Bass started his preliminary training on July 4, just over a month after he announced that he passed the medical qualifying exams. Bass will train in cyclical rounds divided into one-month blocks, with his current round of training ending August 4. This and other rounds will include survival training for different climatic and geographical areas, in case the capsule doesn’t land according to plan upon re-entry and the cosmonauts are forced to wait for a rescue team to arrive. To prepare for the possibility of the capsule landing in the wilderness, Bass will learn shooting techniques to defend himself against wolves and other predators, in addition to basic preservation skills such as building a shelter and starting a fire. Bass will also have to learn Russian, space flight theory, spacecraft flight control systems and standard operations of the International Space Station. His flight simulations for Soyuz spacecraft will take place in a functional full-size simulator and will take him through the entire launch, flight and re-entry procedure on the ground.

16 – from Alan Boyle (MSNBC). Lance Bass has been named by the Russians as a prospective member of the crew for a Soyuz flight to the IS in October a spokeswoman for the Canadian Space Agency tells msnbc.com

16 – New York Magazine reports the fifth annual Dance at Sunset at the Sunset Beach Hotel on Shelter Island had JC squeezed between two bikini-clad women for some bumping and grinding to his band’s hit ‘Girlfriend,’ as Alex von Furstenberg sprayed them with Taittinger champagne. Then when Nelly’s ‘Hot In Here’ played, JC backed off as the two fast women did their own dirty dancing with each other.

16 – Joey attends the season premiere party for Sex And The City in NYC

23 – *NSYNC were nominated for Best Video Of The Year (Gone), Best Group Video (Girlfriend Remix), and Best Pop Video (Girlfriend Remix) for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. In addition, the Justin Timberlake starring ‘This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore’ video from Elton John was named Best Male Video.

23 – Joey showed off a clean-shaven face at the Boyz II Men album release party in New York City at Suede. Besides Joey, Lyric, Ashley Angel and Trevor of O-Town, Quddus, Mario, and of course Boyz II Men were in attendance. The NY Post reports that Joey and Usher got into a dance-off.

25 – Rumors start about Chris having a mohawk

25 – Billy Watkins of the Clarion-Ledger spoke with Lance Bass’ mother Diane Bass about her son’s space flight training. Diane says she and Lance’s father Jim had planned to see him at *NSYNC’s annual Challenge for the Children charity event in Orlando, “but the Russians were pretty adamant about Lance staying there and not wasting any training days,” she said. “The training has been pretty intense, but Lance has done just great. It’s challenging both physically and mentally for him. He does a lot of swimming, some weight-lifting.”

26 – Measurements taken for Madame Tussaud wax figures of Joey, Justin, JC and Chris

26 – CFTC Tip Off Party, includes scavenger hunt

26 – Coca-Cola and Fubu present Nsync Challenge for the Children at The Groove, Universal City Walk, Orlando, ages 21+. DJ event from 9-11:30 p.m. “Nsync is scheduled to perform afterwards.” [Not. They appeared, but didn't perform.] Chris’ mohawk confirmed. “Joey freak and get freaked by another guying during ‘Slave 4 U’”

27-28 – CFTC IV, TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando, FL. Day One will be the Celebrity Skills challenge games and Day Two will be the celebrity Basketball game. Goodie bags for the celebrities included: Sandra Leal jeweled sandals, Nsync slippers, Elara Three Stone necklace, MAC cosmetics, Godiva chocolate, MP5 player, collector Barbie, sterling silver CD case

27 – Nsync sponsored party at the Harley Davidson museum in Orlando. Joey, JC, and Chris. No Justin.

28 – CFTC closing party at Planet Hollywood

29 – A Happy Place has announced that they will be making TV series out of popular comic strips the Duplex, Heart of the City and Cleats, in a pact with Universal Press Syndicate

30 – Joey attends party – Playboy and Michelob Light Celebrate “A Midsummer Night’s Platinum Dream.”

31 – Chris calls Much Music (with a hoarse voice, from CTFC?) and dares Rick to dress as a woman and walk the streets of Toronto, looking somebody to go on a date with him and have coffee

31 – Spaceship Earth at Epcot is showing pictures of Lance training

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