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*NSYNC Timeline – June 2002

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Chris, Ron I. & company spend time in PA, stopped at Chris’ grandma’s “out in the country… beautiful place… tons of land and horses…”

Justin does a photoshoot with Herb Ritts at the Ambassador Hotel in LA for Rolling Stone

03 – Justin starts recording with Timbaland

06 – Nsync Official fan club announces that Chris and JC’s plans to visit the UK have been cancelled

06-09 – Chris participates in the Mellon Mario Lemieux Celebrity Golf Invitational, at The Club in Nevillewood. (I don’t think he was there for the whole tournament. Anybody know for sure?)

07 – JC spotted at Lakers game? In LA?

08 – CFTC IV tickets go on sale

08 – According to the Daily Mirror, Lance spotted in London dancing with Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams until 4:30 a.m. after the Destiny’s Child concert in London at CC Club

08 – Justin spotted with his mother attending the WBC/IBF Heavyweight Championship bout between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson on Saturday at The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee.

09 – More London gossip about Lance: Nsync singer Lance Bass went on a ten hour drinking bender last Sunday night [9th] with new singer Rebekah Ryan. They got into the Jubilee celebrations by downing Jack Daniel’s till 5 a.m. at London’s Mandarin Hotel. But poor Rebekah could not hack the pace set by Lance and chundered over his shoes. Nice girl.

10 – The New York Post reports Justin partied at the China Club in New York with Robert Horry and Mitch Richmond of the Los Angeles Lakers in between games against the New Jersey Nets on Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Others partying with the NBA Finals dominating pair were Saturday Night Live’s Jimmy Fallon and former N.Y. Giant Rodney Hampton.

11 – Justin attends the T.J. Martell Foundation’s 27th Annual Humanitarian Awards

12 – Jean Godden / Times staff columnist: “Celebrity watch: ‘N Sync, the popular boy band, is creating a flurry of autograph-hunter activity at the W Hotel.” In Seattle.??

12 – People Magazine’s ’15 (or 50?) most eligible’ issue, which includes Justin. Article includes: his current car collection: three Mercedes, two Cadillac Escalades, an Audi TT, a Dodge Viper, A BMW and a Porsche, plus five motorcycles and three Sea-Doos. Three-bedroom Orlando “pad”. He also invites friends for weekly matches of Cranium and charades. He spends time on the putting green he recently had installed in his backyard. Five tattoos.

12 – Justin calls in to TRL to talk about ‘most eligible status’, music education and about working on his solo album.

12 – Justin at 4th final Lakers/Nets game in NJ

12 – Justin spotted outside Serafina in NY with Dennis Scott

12 – Joey appears on Craig Kilborne show

12 – Joey attends AFI tribute to Tom Hanks in Hollywood, at Kodak Theater, with Kelly

13 – Rumors start to fly about Joey and Kelly being married/engaged.

13 – Joey Fatone Parties With Teens: “He was strolling by the Supper Club at around 1:15am, saw all these limos outside and wanted to see what was going on.” What the star found were 1,400 teenagers from various New York schools celebrating their graduation. That didn’t deter the new dad – who’s reportedly married – from staying with them at the club until 2.30am! US weekly reports, “He walked through the crowd, saying hi to the girls.” And although he did go onstage to congratulate the class of 2002, he declined to host a “kissing contest” which was won by two young ladies.

13 – Excerpts from Melinda’s update: To clear up the rumors about the Groove Party… it is sold out, please don’t buy any tickets off of EBAY. It disgusts all of us that someone would take a $15 ticket (5 of which goes right to the charity) and try to make money of a non profit organization. So whoever is selling these tickets a second time is ripping off the charity and you! This event is just a night out at a club. *NSYNC WILL NOT be performing. Again, it is just a nightclub with a VIP section, and a good DJ! So if you are 21 and older, have your $15 ticket, we look forward to seeing you. We want to see you all weekend so go get those sporting event tickets!… The guys are still all over the place. Lance took a week off and is back in Russia training, testing, training. Justin is busy recording in different parts of the country with different producers… including LA, NYC, Philly amongst others. Joey is promoting his movies, doing appearances and having auditions for various projects. Chris is also going around the country, he is doing it a different style… no planes for Chris. He has rented a luxury RV and is making his own course writing with different producers in NYC, Philly, Nashville, Buffalo amongst other cities. JC is writing with different producers in LA and working on his house… They will all come together for CFTC so be sure to join us. Have a great day!

15 – From Alan Boyle’s MSNBC’s site: The Economist and Entertainment Weekly chime in with their reports on ‘NSync singer Lance Bass’ bid to go into space. The Economist’s report, headlined “Starstruck,” says the idea is to present a 10-show series on Bass’ training, plus coverage of the flight itself. The Economist quotes a price tag of $25 million, but Entertainment Weekly says total costs – including production expenses – could balloon to more than $30 million. As of today, EW has not put its “Space Cadet” story online, but nothing in the story should come as a surprise to Cosmic Log regulars. (Regulars will also be able to find the EW text posted on a fan Web site.) Space Adventures President Eric Anderson, a veteran of the space tourist business, is quoted as saying “the time required (for Bass) to train has pretty much run out.” But Phil Gurin, a producing partner in the “Lance in Space” project, tells EW, “We’ve been told there’s still enough time.”

15 – Chris appears at charity baseball game (benefiting the Mike Modano Foundation and Gilda’s Club of North Texas) at The Parks at Texas Star. JC was originally scheduled to attend as well but the latest news is that JC has canceled, to go to London for a photoshoot for Armani? The event pitted Kirkpatrick’s Red Socks against Cuban’s and Modano’s Black Socks. The Red Socks won, 8-3, after a two-hour game. From his dugout, Kirkpatrick, said he was proud to play with his team. “These guys were hitting like crazy,” he said. “It’s fun… We all went out last night, and I met all of them, and they are really cool guys.” Chris apparently injured his left arm/wrist/thumb, as he made appearances the following week wearing a cast

15 – Johnny Wright hears Justin’s solo album for the first time

17 – From Alan Boyle’s MSNBC’s site: ‘NSync singer Lance Bass, who is hoping to go to the international space station this fall, is now due to fly to Russia on Friday – several days later than originally planned – to prepare for cosmonaut training, according to TV producer David Krieff. Krieff and Bass’ other backers hint that a decision on the proposal to put the 23-year-old boy-band member in space should come this week. MirCorp President Jeff Manber has returned to Moscow this week for further talks with the Russians. The “Lance in Space” story continues to bring a lot of feedback – with a lot of people taking aim at Emily, the physics grad student who dissed Bass’ aspirations. Roger from Little Rock, Ark., whose 10-year-old daughter is an ‘NSync fan, had a particularly interesting response: “I thought it was a little silly that an ‘NSync kid would get the chance to go. But if Lance goes up, my daughter will have an entirely different perspective. She would see space as something worth dreaming about. I really want that for her – and my two younger ones, too.”

18 – JC spotted in LA

18 – Joey and Kelly recently bought a $100,000 home in Orlando that the singer says is an investment property

19 – From Alan Boyle’s MSNBC’s site: Lance Watch: Space News quotes Russian Aviation and Space Agency spokesman Sergei Gorbunov as saying ‘NSync singer Lance Bass has missed the boat for an October flight to the international space station. “As far as Bass goes, the October flight is out of the question. There’s only four months left and even professional cosmonauts cannot prepare for a mission in such a short time,” Gorbunov told Space News. In such a scenario, only the two professional cosmonauts already scheduled for the flight – Russia’s Sergei Zalyotin and Belgium’s Frank De Winne – would be aboard the Soyuz, Gorbunov told Agence France-Presse. The third seat would go empty if there’s no multimillion-dollar passenger. Over the past few months, Gorbunov has been consistently pessimistic about the boy-band member’s space prospects, so his comments aren’t a huge surprise. As previously reported, the 11th-hour talks being conducted in Moscow and elsewhere this week basically represent the last chance for Bass’ flight in October. Bass’ backers say Gorbunov is correct when he reports that a formal agreement hasn’t yet been drawn up, but they insist the talks could still yield success late this week or perhaps early next week. If Bass misses out on the October flight, the next opportunity would come up in April, but that time frame wouldn’t be as much in sync with Bass’ musical career.

19ish – Forum on Fumanskeeo website closed down

19 – Teen Choice Award nominees announced. Nsync nominated for ‘Music Single’ for “Girlfriend”, Music Collaboration for “Girlfriend” w/Nelly, R&B/Hip-Hop “Single w/Nelly, and Love Song for “Gone.” Lance received 2 nominations (Hissy Fit for On The Line and Liplock for kiss with Emmanuelle Chriqui in On The Line). Justin received nominations for Male Fashion Icon and Male Hottie.

20 – Teen Choice Presents: Summer Music Mania airs on Fox (w/JC and Chris hosting)

21 – From Alan Boyle’s MSNBC’s site: Lance Watch goes into overtime: ‘NSync boy-band singer Lance Bass, who hopes to become the first celebrity in space, is heading for Russia on Saturday and will begin training at the Star City cosmonaut facility on Monday, said Destiny Productions’ David Krieff, a TV producer who is involved in the Hollywood side of the negotiations over Bass’ bid. Krieff and two other sources familiar with talks in Moscow told me that an agreement could be announced next week. Before the latest round of talks, MirCorp President Jeffrey Manber said a resolution would have to come this week, but the sources now say the deadline has been extended. Sources familiar with the Russian side of things – including no less than Sergei Gorbunov, spokesman for the Russian Aviation and Space Agency – have said it’s already too late for an amateur who doesn’t speak Russian to be sufficiently trained for Bass’ target flight, an October trip to the international space station. But Krieff insisted that it wasn’t too late, and that Bass is already studying for his flight. “He knows a lot of Russian,” Krieff said. Krieff estimated that 50 to 60 people are now working to put the 23-year-old boy-band member and movie star into space. The key to the whole deal is completing an agreement with a TV network to put “Lance in Space” on the air this fall.

21-22 – Chris and Joey at the Grand Opening Celebration of the Mohegan Sun, and attend Dan Aykroyd’s birthday party on the 21st. Chris’ left hand/thumb is in a cast, apparently injured at the celebrity baseball game he participated in the previous weekend in Texas.

21 – JC attends Tony Lucca’s show at The Mint in LA

23 – Fumanskeeto online store closed

24 – Joey spotted at the Korn concert at Madison Square Garden

25 – The Hamilton Spectator: Lance Bass, the fresh-faced pop star who wants to be a space traveler, was nightclubbing in Los Angeles recently when he had a run-in with an autograph seeker. The ‘N Syncer was coming out of the trendy Standard hotel lounge on the Sunset Strip when the autograph hound held out a photo of Bass to sign. The singer took a long, hard look at the man. He recognized him and refused to sign the photo. “You’re going to sell it,” Bass said. “No, it’s for my little sister,” the man replied. “Then I’ve already signed 10 pictures for that same sister.” Bass said he won’t co-operate with autograph hunters who are in it only for the money. But the teen heartthrob said he gladly signs autographs for fans who want only a souvenir. “It’s really annoying to have to deal with these professionals,” Bass said. “Usually, I just ignore them. But sometimes, I’ll grab the photo and either sign a fake name or write some kind of obscenity across it. I’ve seen some of those photos on eBay.”

26 – From Alan Boyle’s MSNBC’s site: Space singer in training: ‘NSync boy-band member Lance Bass is in Russia and planning to take his first zero-gravity flight on a training plane next week – part of the buildup toward what he hopes will be a trip to the international space station this fall, says Destiny Productions’ David Krieff, a TV producer who is working on the deal. “Of course I’m nervous,” Bass told Canada’s CTV in a report that aired over the weekend. “I’ll be very nervous the day of the launch, but it’s just more exciting for me to do something like that. It’s a dream come true.” But in order for the dream to become a reality, Krieff and Bass’ other backers have to engineer a multimillion-dollar deal with the Russians, a yet-to-be-named television network and commercial sponsors such as RadioShack. Krieff and another source familiar with the talks say the time between now and Friday will be key, with Russia’s top space officials weighing whether the deal goes forward. The published rate for a space station trip is $20 million, with sponsors bearing the cost. Could Bass bankroll that amount himself? Not likely, unless his bandmates pitched in big time: Forbes magazine’s “Celebrity 100″ power list ranks ‘NSync No. 6, with earnings of $42.3 million in the past year. Rolling Stone, meanwhile, has the band No. 8 on its list of “what the richest stars made,” with an estimated net of $26.5 million during 2001. Remember, the take has to be split at least five ways.

27 – According to Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth column, Justin works out at the Sunset Strip’s Crunch gym

27 – Meredith Edwards splits from FreeLance

27 – Timebeat subsidiary 2Live Entertainment announces negotiations with Lance to join the management team of 2Live. (Also in negotiation with Nick Carter to join 2Live management team.

28 – Joey and JC have press conference in Orlando about CFTC4

29 – The New York Daily News reports Ibrahim Duarte of Entertainment Management Services Inc. has filed suit against *NSYNC claiming the group owes him $155,415 in salary and expenses. Duarte served as the group’s tour manager between February 1999 and December 2000 but received only some of the pay they agreed on.

29 – Chris attends the wedding of Tom Arnold and Shelby Roos at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Arnold and Chris performed “Johnny B. Goode” at the reception

30 – Destiny Productions’ David Krieff says a television network is sending the Russians a substantial “nonrefundable deposit” to keep the Lance in Space project alive. Probably between $100,000 to $1 million. One complicating factor is the grounding of NASA’s space shuttle fleet, which could require rescheduling Russia’s Soyuz launch.

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