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*NSYNC Immortal

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There are subtle signs to know when you’ve made it… when you’re made fun of on SNL, when Grandma’s know your name, and when you guest star on The Simpson’s. Well….’Nsync ‘made it’ in 2000. Take a peek!

It’s safe to say some fanboy dreams came true when ‘Nsync was asked to play themselves on an episode of The Simpsons.  Bart and Milhouse decide to start a band. Guess who shows up to lend some advice?

Making of the ‘Nsync on Simpsons Episode:  Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and JC screw around for 12 hours with Mike Judge

‘Nsync on The Simpsons

Video: TBA

Nsync was the musical host on the March 11, 2000 episode of Saturday Night Live. They performed ‘Bye Bye Bye’ and “I Thought She Knew’, but didn’t stop there. Never afraid to make complete fools of themselves, Nync also starred in two hilarious skits. A bit of trivia: while filming the ‘No Refund’ sketch, Lance slipped and twisted his ankle. Instead of sitting out, the group altered the dance for Bye Bye Bye slightly and Lance performed in more forgiving sneakers instead of loafers like the other 4.

‘Nsync as “No Refund” a fictional boyband, opening for “7 Degrees Ceclsius”. SUPERSIZE IT.

‘Nsync and Joshua Jackson star as teens at the fictional Deerborne Academy (Cheri Oteri is priceless)

‘Nsync performs Bye Bye Bye and  I Thought She Knew

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  • LanceBassfan7

    i remember watching this the day it was on tv

  • http://www.stillnsync.com/ Still Nsync

    Me too! My TV was vibrating, I had it up so loud!