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*NSYNC Timeline- March 2002

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Joey recently filmed a video for Latin music star Luis Fonsi in Florida, where the two were high-school friends and members of an a cappella pop group called Big Guys. The clip is for Fonsi’s “Secret,” the lead single from his first English-language album, Fight the Feeling, due July 2.

03 – Celebrity Tour concert in Portland

04 – Celebrity Tour concert in Tacoma

05 – Longshot released on video

05 – AP reports Joey’s girlfriend and mother to his daughter Brianna were involved in an emergency landing at Texarkana Regional Airport after a cockpit fire. AP must not have known the relationship as they made no mention of it, but she told them she placed her 11-month-old daughter, Brianna, on the floor of the plane on a blanket and pillow and held her during the landing. Fortunately, none of the 99 passengers on a United Airlines 757 were injured.

05 – Reports that three of the five (not Justin) were at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in SF and spending about 3 1/2 hours in the VIP room and getting kind of wild: singing to the waitresses and asking for a $1000 lapdance from a non-dancer (which didn’t occur).

06 – Celebrity Tour concert in Oakland

07 – Celebrity Tour concert in Sacramento

08 – Celebrity Tour concert in San Jose

10 – Celebrity Tour concert in San Diego. Justin cuts his hair short again.

11 – Rumors start about Justin and Britney breaking up, Britney denies split

11/12 – Celebrity Tour concert in Anaheim

12 – Unconfirmed sighting of Joey at Disney California Adventure on the Mulholland Drive ride

14 – Celebrity Tour concert in Phoenix (and Chris touched me there!!!!) (Hey, it was an important event in my life.)

15 – Celebrity Tour concert in Las Vegas

16 – Group does radio promotion in the Palms High Roller Lounge in Las Vegas

18 – Celebrity Tour concert in Houston

19 – Celebrity Tour concert in San Antonio

20 – Celebrity Tour concert in Dallas

21 – MSNBC.com reported that Lance is “taking a weekend break from Nsync’s concert tour for a trip to Moscow for medical exams. He traveled there with his father, his business manager, David Gump from LunaCorp, Jeff Manber from MirCorp, and David Kreiff from Destiny productions.”

25 – Celebrity Tour concert in Denver

25 – Britney quoted as saying that she was not in an “intense” relationship

26 – On The Line released on video

26 – While in Des Moines the day before their Ames Show they stayed at Embassy Suites on the River. Justin reportedly took time out to play a Brian McKnight song on the piano in the hotel lobby; Lance, an “unnamed woman” and his bodyguard had lunch at TGI Friday’s in West Des Moines. Afterward they strolled across Westown Parkway to the Valley West Mall; JC and Joey gambled in the afternoon at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona, and lunch across the street at Pizza Hut; Justin worked out at the downtown YMCA, lifting weights and shooting hoops, 6-8 p.m.; they drank at Drink in Clive, from about 10:30 p.m. until almost closing time, all five, plus half dozen security guards, various band members, all carried by two tour buses; they ogled at the Lumber Yard on 54th Avenue, the newest and hottest strip club (in Des Moines?) from 2-3 a.m.. Joey was the last one to board the bus. He had to be dragged onto it by his hand mates as he was talking to a gaggle of fans.

26 – From a strip club near Des Moines, the Lumberyard, dancer Keana quoted as saying to Justin: “I said, ‘You can’t do a private dance because of Britney,’” “He said, ‘No, me and Britney are broken up.’ He looked hurt” – and opted for a game of pool instead.

27 – Celebrity Tour concert in Ames, IA. Interviewed before the show, Chris said there probably won’t be any more releases off ‘Celebrity’ and that they’ll be working on a new album after the tour wraps up. He also described a go-cart race the guys in the band had earlier where he almost broke his toe. Chris says he has a small label he’s putting together right now to help other acts put their foot in the door. He talked about his clothing line that will have a men’s line launch in Australia in two months.

27 – Britney declared “I’m single, right now” during a taped faux wedding aired on a British talk show

28 – InTheater test run starts in Akron, Ohio. Blend of concert footage with a nightclub atmosphere

29 – Celebrity Tour concert in Grand Forks, ND

29 – Tammy Swift of The Forum reports *NSYNC hit the Rob Zombie concert at the Fargo Civic and the Northern Gentlemen’s Club in Fargo Thursday night.

30 – Celebrity Tour concert in Minneapolis, MN

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