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*NSYNC Timeline- October 2001

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01 – Making the Video for “On The Line” featuring Lance & Joey premieres it on MTV

01 – eZuma.com has a couple photos JC attending the Dennis Rodman post fight party in Las Vegas on Friday at Seven, a new nightclub in the city.

02 – Forbes magazine’s 100 Top Celebrities power list: Spears received a fourth-place power ranking, earning $38.5 million. ‘NSYNC actually topped her financially, with $42 million in the bank, but charted at #8, just behind the #7 Backstreet Boys, who brought in $35.5 million. The magazine determined its rankings based on celebrities’ incomes, magazine cover appearances, press clips, TV and radio popularity, and Web hits.

03 – The Star reports Joey was spotted going up to his hotel room with 32-year-old Rachel Hunter at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood on October 3rd. Arriving at 3 a.m., Rachel left the room two hours later beet-red in the face. The two went at it again the next day according to witnesses.

04-07 – Filming of What’s Going On videos: Christina Aguilera’s golden locks, Fred Durst’s backward ball cap, Gwen Stefani’s rainbow makeup and Justin Timberlake’s freshly grown peach fuzz took a back seat Thursday to a look unprecedented even in popular music – blindfolds. “I feel like I’m playing pin the tail on the donkey,” Aguilera quipped in between takes during the first day of shooting proper videos for three all-star remakes of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” Many of the artists who contributed to the project – from Ja Rule to Staind’s Aaron Lewis to Alicia Keys – will don blindfolds for the video shoot, which heads to New York on Saturday and is scheduled to wrap by the end of the weekend… “The video out now just felt like a natural thing to do, and I am glad MTV did it,” Timberlake said outside his dressing room, where he was dancing to “What It’s Like to Be Me,” the new track he co-wrote and co-produced for his girlfriend, Britney Spears. “This is an actual video – you can come up with a scenario that means something. You can put a visual with the cause you are singing about… I think people will get the message.”… Stefani, former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes, Timberlake and Durst all beamed at memories of their phone calls from the U2 frontman.

05 – ‘NSYNC Help Madonna Launch Latin Label: The hombres in ‘NSYNC have forked over their Spanish-language version of “This I Promise You” to help Madonna kick-start her Latin-music label. “Yo Te Voy a Amar” will appear on the dance pop collection pLATINum rhythm, due October 30 on Maverick Musica. ‘NSYNC performed the number at the inaugural Latin Grammys last year but have not released the song commercially.

07 – United We Stand concert announced, for October 21 at Washington, D.C.’s RFK Stadium. “We wanted to definitely get involved,” ‘NSYNC’s Joey Fatone told MTV News on Sunday. “We’re going to do something so we can help them out.” Tickets for United We Stand go on sale October 12.

08 – Ananda Lewis Show finally airs, featuring Nsync and their families

09 – Joey & Lance on Rosie and TRL

09 – Nsync announced as performers for Billboard Music Awards in December

10 – Lance on Regis & Kelly

10 – Filming What’s Going On video. Justin in LA, JC in NYC

11 – Lance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, prodded by Conan to talk bad about *NSYNC’s rival, the Backstreet Boys, and how having ‘Boys’ in their name now looks bad for the group admitted, “When we were coming with the name, I swear to you that is exactly what we said.” adding, “We had to have a name, so when we’re like, you know, 40 or something, we don’t come out as…”

12 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports *NSYNC’s Lance Bass was spotted at Standard Lounge with a date by his side, though they didn’t stay long as Lance had to go to a press junket the next morning at 9 a.m.

12 – Joey on Regis & Kelly and Craig Kilborn

12 – Miami Beach benefit concert announced for November 11

13 – Will Sasso parodied Lance Bass on MAD TV. Playing a perma-grinned, doe-eyed Bass, it wasn’t a ‘nice’ impersonation.

15 – Chris on TRL

15 – US Weekly reports Lance Bass has admitted to being injured after he and Joey Fatone went to a bullfight with some female friends in Cancun Mexico. Bass admits after somehow being urged into the ring and becoming a target for a bull, “The horns never went in me, but he did bruise a few ribs.” Now Lance has a new insurer but says, “For a year, I can’t fight a bull.”

16 – Chris on The View, showing FuMan clothes

16 – On The Line soundtrack released

16 – Entertainment Weekly talked to On The Line producer Rich Hull who admits Oscar winning Tom Hanks was helped out in developing the film. Hull said, “Tom is a big ‘N Sync fan. The last time Lance and Joey were in town I think they had dinner at Tom and Rita’s.”

16 – Nsync singer and clothing designer Chris Kirkpatrick debuted his FuMan Skeeto fall and winter women’s clothing line at Planet Hollywood Times Square in New York City.

16 – The New York Post is reporting that *NSYNC’s J.C. Chasez was spotted canoodling with his “On the Line” co-star Emmanuelle Chriqui at Palm West. The only problem with this story is that J.C. isn’t in the film, only Lance and Joey from the group are.

17 – Chris’ 30th birthday

17 – Chris launched his FuMan Skeeto women’s clothing winter collection @ Planet Hollywood Times Square. Wearing a jean vest and blue jeans pasted with odd patches, Kirkpatrick introduced the line.

17 – Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times talked to Lance Bass Wednesday as the *NSYNC and now movie star was at the W Hotel in Chicago to promote the Chicago based ‘On the Line.’

17 or 18 – The Loup and Miramax are bringing Hollywood glamour and *NSYNC pop stars Lance Bass and Joey Fatone to Chicago, where a lucky crowd of teens will be able to mingle with them at an exclusive celebrity-studded event. The party, set to take place on October 17 at the windy city’s hip White Star Lounge, will mark the official introduction of The Loup’s teen phone network in Chicago while also showcasing the upcoming Miramax release “On the Line,” starring both Lance and Joey

18 – Joey & Lance on The View

18 – Lance Bass told Entertainment Tonight he’s willing to leave his *NSYNC bandmates and help the military in the war on terrorism if called upon. Bass revealed, “I’ll be the first one to go. I would definitely serve my country.”

19 – From Much News – It looks like the chances that fans of *NSYNC will be able to score with one of the group’s members are becoming slimmer and slimmer. *NSYNC’s Lance Bass showed up at the New York premiere of his debut movie ‘On The Line’ with a mystery girl on his arm. Lance refused to answer reporters’ questions about the identity of his escort, but tabloids named the mystery blonde as Laura Carruba, while another said Lance’s escort was his sister. Meanwhile, rumor has it that one of his bandmates is apparently dating Lance’s onscreen girlfriend, Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui. Joey and his girlfriend Kelly, who have a child together, are said to be “off and on,” while JC’s been dating a lady without a last name, named “Bobbi”. And Justin, well, we all know who Justin’s linked with…

19 – Lance’s next project will be his very own social hot spot in New York’s West Village, The New York Post reports. The 4,000 square foot space will feature a restaurant and a lounge. Lance plans to work on the club with his friend, Eytan Sugarman.

19 – models impersonate Nsync at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards Show

20 – record vocals for “What More Can I Give?” in Washington, D.C.

20 – Lance on Mad TV, promoting OTL on skit with Will S, Alex B, and Emmanuel C.

20 – The New York Post talked to Lance Bass’ nightclub partner Eytan Sugarman as the pair set to open 4,000-square-foot restaurant/lounge in the West Village next month. Eytan says, “Lance likes to party and likes to have a good time, and he’s in New York a lot. It’s just something the both of us really wanted to do. We’re really confident about our product and we want to give it a shot.”

21 – More than 25 artists – from boys (of the Backstreet, ‘NSYNC and O-Town variety) to men (elder statesmen such as Aerosmith, James Brown and Rod Stewart), from vocal queens (Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, Carole King) to the King of Pop – took the stage Sunday at RFK Stadium for the all-day United We Stand benefit concert for victims of September’s terrorist attacks… While moments of silence are customary in the wake of any tragedy, and ‘NSYNC would later orchestrate one during their set, P. Diddy wanted just the opposite… Though P. Diddy took some time to get the crowd going, the frenzied response to ‘NSYNC was immediate when the first notes of “Pop” swept through the stadium. The group’s choreography was expectedly flawless as they cavorted through “Tearin’ Up My Heart” and set-closer “Bye Bye Bye,” which followed a bit of teasing from the guys about forgetting to “say bye” after finishing the ballad “This I Promise You.” “It’s really good to see Rod Stewart fans standing next to ‘NSYNC fans standing next to P. Diddy fans,” Justin Timberlake said of the common love of music that united the crowd in the huge venue. “It’s good for the country that everybody’s ready to rebuild.”… Finale with Michael Jackson, now in a glittery silver bolo jacket with an American eagle emblazoned on his chest and left shoulder, was joined by JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick of ‘NSYNC, etc.

22 – NSYNC have joined the star-studded roster for Michael Jackson’s charity single “What More Can I Give.” Though Jackson originally announced only Justin Timberlake’s involvement, all five ‘NSYNC members recorded their vocals in Washington, D.C., on Saturday (20th), the day before JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick debuted the ballad live with Jackson, Carey, Mya and several others at a benefit concert at RFK Stadium. Porter currently has ‘NSYNC framing Jackson’s lyrics in the chorus of the English version, but the mix is pending Jackson’s approval. The producer also may place them in the background on the Spanish version, though the boy band only recorded the lyrics in English.

23 – Peoplenews reports Britney and Justin attended a strip show at the Granville nightclub in Los Angeles with a dozen bodyguards in tow. Witnesses say Spears was wearing a cowboy hat with a bare midriff top and watched open-mouthed at some of the dancer’s gyrations. Afterwards, Britney reportedly took in what she saw to give Justin his own strip show.

23 – Lance on The Daily Show

24 – The New York Daily News reports the seven figure deal *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake scored with Ballantine Books has been nixed by the publisher as they were spooked by poor sales of Britney Spears’ book written with her mother entitled, “A Mother’s Gift.” Timberlake had been signed on to write “Inside Drive: A Novel of Basketball, Life and Love.” As of yet, it’s unknown if Justin will seek another publisher to publish the novel.

24 – Joey on Howard Stern show

25 – Lance & Joey on the Ricki Lake Show

26 – On The Line opens in theaters

27 – Joey and Lance attended the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas.

27 – The New York Daily News reports *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone and the Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson took part in a dance duel at New York’s China Club. The females looking on couldn’t agree who was best at busting a move.

30 – pLATINum Rhythm collection, with “Yo Te Voy a Amar” scheduled to be released.

31 – Lance, Freddy and 2 other friends dress for Halloween as the Blue Man Group, go to Tabu (Howie’s club)

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