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*NSYNC Timeline- August 2001

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*NSYNC is written about in the August issue of Vibe where several top R&B artists are giving the band props.

Lance purchases a home in the southwest Orlando community of Cypress Point. Four bedrooms, four and a half baths, 3 fireplaces and a swimming pool

Gone video filmed in LA, final day of shooting Aug. 29; Herb Ritts, director; released Sept 26

From the August 6 issues of People: “These days celebrities are everywhere, including on the cover of the phone book. R&B great Al Green and ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake turn up together on the new directory for Millington, Tenn. (Timberlake grew up in nearby Shelby Forest, and Green lives in the area.) The phone company printed 29,000 copies of the “Superstars” edition, but demand is so high it had to decree only one copy per phone line. Residents can buy extras at $7 each, however, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Timberlake’s grandmother, Sadie Bomar, tells us her famous grandson has requested 20 copies for himself.

01 – *NSYNC were taped briefly to wish MTV a happy 20th for their birthday bash

01 – Nsync to Top Chart With 1.88 Million Celebritys Sold: Nsync will barnstorm the Billboard 200 albums chart next week after selling 1.88 million copies of Celebrity – first-week sales surpassing those of every SoundScan-era album except their own No Strings Attached.

02 – *NSYNC’s scheduled concert at Pro Player Stadium, Miami canceled due to the tropical storm.

02 – *NSYNC’s Celebrity sold 1,879,955 copies its first week out, making it the #2 selling album of all time, 2nd to No Strings Attached

04 – JC tells Launch he’s high on Pop even though the song hasn’t faired well in the charts saying, “To me, it’s the one track even on the radio right now that just stands out. It’s so unique. It’s got a mixture of everything. It’s got rock guitars with a dance beat with harmonies and aggression in the vocals as far as, like, the chanting. I think it’s just got an energy that nothing has right now.”

04 – The LA Times reports a fan trying to get a photo of Justin at LA’s Moomba instead got shoved around by Justin’s bodyguard and had to deal with Justin, who, rather than oblige the fan, made like a mime and started snapping imaginary pix at the fan.

04 – Joey was sidelined by pneumonia for the group’s August 5th show in San Antonio, Texas. Fatone’s bought of bronchitis developed into pneumonia, and the singer was hospitalized on Saturday (4th) but has since been released. He is expected to get back onstage with his ‘N Sync brethren tonight for a show in Birmingham, Alabama. ‘N Sync manager Johnny Wright broke the news to fans in San Antonio informing them that Fatone would not take the stage. But Chris gave Fatone a call during the show letting him hear all the well-wishers in the crowd.

05 – FuMan Skeeto Summer Store Invasion Tour at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio

05 – PopOdyssey concert at Alamodome, San Antonio, TX, with opening acts: Meredith Edwards.

05 – *NSYNC are profiled in this week’s US Weekly. Laura Morgan, the senior entertainment editor for Seventeen says the guys, “are a far cry from the decadent rock stars of years past. They’re on time for interviews and promo activities, are gracious to their fans, and are good role models.”

06 – Norm Clarke reports Las Vegas nightclub C2K is flirting with trouble after allowing Britney and Justin to party in the nightclub until dawn. Tye Smith insisted no alcohol was served to the two minors but state liquor officials countered, “It’s cut and dried with a nightclub. You have to be 21 because it’s hard to control. If you want to take your daughter to see Tom Jones, she can have a soft drink and you can have Jack Daniels.”

08 – Justin guest stars on debut of The Wayne Brady Show

08 – NSYNCStudio.com reports Justin lost his ID and a fan found it, giving it to a DJ hoping he’d be able to get autographs in exchange.

08 – JC’s 25th birthday

08 – USA Today covered young stars and the pressures brought by being in the spotlight, where Justin Timberlake revealed, “We’re young guys, and we like to have fun, and we make mistakes sometimes. We don’t say that we lead squeaky-clean lives. But we were raised by good mothers and good families, and we always take them into consideration.” The article also sheds light on the status of Justin’s legal tangle with Danielle McGuire as they report the suit was dropped without settlement, according to a lawyer for the group.

09 – PopOdyssey concert at Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY, with opening acts: Meredith Edwards.

10 – Interesting blind item this week from Filth2go.com’s Billy Masters… “Could it be that a certain bunch o’ boys currently touring are having a bit of dissension in the ranks? It all started when one member complained about the elaborate sets and choreography. Then another had problems making his quick changes. At a group meeting, the two issues were raised, and tensions flared. One member suggested that the person who complained about the choreography wasn’t working hard enough, while another said that perhaps the quick changes would go quicker if that warbler “weren’t so fat”. Where did that leave the fifth boy? Stuck between several men – and not the way he usually likes it (although he’s still linked with boy number three).”

11 – FuMan Skeeto Summer Store Invasion Tour at Nordstrom, Perimeter Mall, Atlanta, GA

11 – PopOdyssey concert at Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA, with opening acts: Meredith Edwards.

12 – *NSYNC scheduled to appear at Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. *NSYNC won Teen Choice Awards for Choice Single award for their song Pop and Choice Concert and Choice Album awards for Celebrity. Katrillion.com reports Justin’s response to winning Choice Hottie at the Teen Choice Awards was, “This is a rather embarrassing award… I don’t really consider myself hot. I don’t really pay much attention to this kind of stuff.”

13 – PopOdyssey concert at RFK Stadium, Washington, DC, with opening acts: Meredith Edwards, Amanda.

14 – taping of Ananda Lewis Show at the CBS studios on W. 57th St, New York

16 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports on a spotting of JC leaving a big tip with a “grumpy girl” at the California Pizza Kitchen in Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta while Joey was spotted in the same mall earlier with multiple women.

16 – PopOdyssey concert at RCA Dome, Indianapolis, IN, with opening acts: Amanda, Deborah Gibson.

17 – MTV reports *NSYNC are helping their childhood role idol Debbie Gibson to relaunch her musical career as she opened for the group last night in Indianapolis, with 5 more opening dates to come.

18 – All five members of *NSYNC taped a special one-hour episode for Ananda Lewis’ new talk show, The Ananda Lewis Show, which debuts September 10th. No word on when *NSYNC’s episode airs, but the group performed Pop and Gone for the appearance.

18 – PopOdyssey concert at Heinz Field / Steeler Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA, with opening acts: Amanda, Deborah Gibson.

20 – Today Show, perform Pop, Gone, and BBB; Teen Choice Awards air, won Choice Album

20 – PopOdyssey concert at Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus, OH, with opening acts: Amanda, Deborah Gibson.

21 – Entertainment Tonight previewed a segment with *NSYNC and their mothers, in addition to talking about ‘when fans go too far.’

21 – The guys from *NSYNC issued a warning about people posing on the internet as one of the five of *NSYNC members or as an *NSYNC insider

22 – PopOdyssey concert at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA, with opening acts: Lil Romeo, Amanda, Deborah Gibson.

22 – Worldpop reports Justin and Chris will appear in the October issue of Marvel’s Wolverine comic. Justin admits to be a big fan of the character saying, “He has the coolest look to him – and the coolest weapon.” The cameo’s courtesy of cartoonist Dan Fraga, 28, a Kirkpatrick buddy (they met when Fraga did graphics for the crooner’s clothing line, FuMan Skeeto). The boy-band duo is set to pop up in a follow-up issue – and may even score dialogue. But Kirkpatrick has already set his sights on another comic rebel, “Spider-Man.” “Tobey Maguire, whatever,” he says. “He can play Peter Parker. I don’t want to wear tights and stuff, but I’d make a better Spider-Man.”

23 – *NSYNC have pulled out of their planned September 7 performance with the Jackson brothers at the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration citing scheduling conflicts related to the MTV Video Music Awards.

24 – PopOdyssey concert at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, Jackson, MS, with opening acts: Amanda, Deborah Gibson.

24 – The Globe’s Charlene Tilton reports Justin was mobbed by girls at a Hollywood nightspot where they handed him their phone numbers left and right.. When Justin left though, he emptied his pockets of the numbers and tossed them in the trash.

25 – US Weekly reports Chris was spotted having chicken wings and margaritas with two women at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Atlanta.

25 – The New York Post reports a source told them *NSYNC “was furious over Jackson backing out of his promised appearance with them at next month’s MTV Music Awards” which may be the true reason the group backed out of the MSG concert.

25 – The Sun reports Justin was hailed a hero after saving a girl from a sex attacker, when he dashed to the rescue after hearing screams in a Hollywood club car park. The attacker sneered at the star: “Mind your own business or you’re dead.” Justin decked him as pals called club bouncers and the attacker was arrested.

27 – PopOdyssey concert at UTEP Sun Bowl Stadium, El Paso, TX, with opening acts: Deborah Gibson.

28 – A 14 year old fan of *NSYNC that won the car decorating contest for the MTV: NSYNC Road To Celebrity Taping is complaining about MTV not giving her and her winning friends tickets to that night’s show in San Diego as promised.

28 – Gay gossip scribe Billy Masters is gushing about JC in this week’s column responding to a request of nude pictures of the singer saying, “I do have one new photo of JC that has come my way, and this may at least hold you over until we get to see the full Monty. This is a photo of JC onstage grabbing his apparently substantial bulge in his pants. It’s quite a tempting photo.”

29 – Last day of shooting for “Gone” video

29 – The Village Voice’s Michael Musto talked to Steven Klein who photographed Justin for his upcoming appearance in Arena Hommes Plus magazine. Klein reveals the spread will startlingly present Justin in the role of “a suburban kid, kind of violent.” Klein says, “You have to kill to have a rebirth.”

29 – Lance attends “Band Of Brothers” premiere with Kristy Swanson, Joey attends with Wendy Thorlakson

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