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Still*NSYNC PhotoGallery Update: Post!Sync photos

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2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

The day that we thought might never come actually came! As a result came the day we got to create a Post!Sync category in the PhotoGallery!

With much joy and excitement, the category has been created and a few snaps have been uploaded. See a pic we don’t have? Send it to us via twitter (@stillnsync) or email (stillnsync at gmail dot com) or send us the link and we’ll grab it. As always, the PhotoGallery belongs to the fans, so feel free to upload photos in the spots where they fit (keeping in mind that we like to keep the albums about *NSYNC as a group and not as individual members).

Check out pics from all 5 members of*NSYNC in the BoyBand afterlife

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