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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: *NSYNC is back on top (Teen Celebrity; April 2000)

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Teen Celebrity NSYNCWith a red hot new album and forthcoming tour, it seems *NSYNC is everywhere. From MTV to the Oscars to right here in Teen Celebrity, the guys are working hard to please their demanding fan base. We caught up with the Orlando fivesome just as they released No Strings Attached and were about to embark on a month long promotional jaunt across America. After firing off 20 questions, which the boys gratefully answered, it became obvious to us that success hasn’t changed *NSYNC one bit. In fact, as you’ll see, Justin, JC, Lance, Chris and Joey are the same fun and down-to-earth guys they’ve always been.

What are the differences between your debut album and No Strings Attached?

Lance Teen CelebrityChris: No Strings Attached takes our music to the next level. We had a lot more creative control on this album.
Justin: Everyone should know that No Strings Attached was created solely by *NSYNC with no external opinions.
Lance: It feels like our real first album because we wrote and produced half of it.
Joey: It’s a step above the first one. We added different beats here and there, different sounds just to make it a little more edgy. But it still has *NSYNC harmonies and sound.

You had a lot more to do with this recording creatively. How much have you all grown as musicians?

Lance: We are Executive Producers of this one and had to independently do this whole album.

Do you each have a favorite song on your new album?

JC: We worked so hard on this album that it’s impossible to just pick one.
Lance: I have three. “Bye, Bye, Bye,” “Promise,” and “Digital Get Down.”

Teen Celebrity Justin and JCIndividually, what have been your greatest accomplishments – personally or professionally?

Joey: I bought a new house.
Chris: I built a new house.
JC: Gritting my teeth and making it through this album.
Lance: Personally, I would say gaining so many great friends. Professionally, No Strings Attached.

What is the one thing, as a group, you have yet to accomplish?

Lance: Win a Grammy.

If you couldn’t perform, what would you do?

JC: If I couldn’t sing and dance, I’d write music.
Joey: I would act.
Chris: I’d manage new artists and continue working on my clothing line.
Justin: I’d write music, especially R&B.
Lance: I’d be an astronaut.

Teen Celebrity ChrisWhat is the downside to being in *NSYNC?

JC: No sleep.
Joey: No free time or sleep.
Lance: No private life.

Is it hard remaining level-headed?

Lance: It could be, but we have great families and friends to keep us all down to earth.

If you could change one thing about hte business , what would it be?

Lance: The egos.
Justin: The crooks.

Teen Celebrity JoeyIf you each had to describe yourselves in one word, what would it be?

JC: Analytical.
Joey: Optimistic.
Chris: Sarcastic.
Justin: Visionary.
Lance: Laid back. Wait, is that two words?

What can we expect from your upcoming concert tour?

Chris: The tour will be packed with high energy and lots of dancing.
Lance: Huge special effects and tons of energy.
Justin: The ideas we have are still being put together, but it’s gonna be big and bad and better than the last tour.


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