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*NSYNC Timeline- May 2001

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Brianna born RS

02 – The Los Angeles Times surveyed “22 of the most powerful executives in the record business” for comments on the future of top current musicians, including the *NSYNC. An executive said of the guys, “A lot of people want this teen phenomenon to go away, but I think *NSYNC will clearly continue. Justin Timberlake could well be another Michael Jackson.”

02 – No ‘Grease’ For ‘NSYNC, Bass And Fatone Pursue Movies On Own: Sometimes even the world’s biggest boy band can’t get what it wants. The members of ‘NSYNC traveled to the Cannes Film Festival last May to announce – with maximum fanfare – that they planned to film a movie together. In October, the group’s Lance Bass revealed that the movie in question would “most likely” be “Grease 3.” And in fact, the group had been working on a potential “Grease” sequel with the California production company Total Film Group, according to sources close to the project. But ‘NSYNC’s substantial clout has so far not been enough to obtain the rights to the “Grease” name and characters, the sources said, and the movie has been shelved. Total Film Group is working to come up with another potential project to present to the ‘NSYNCers, and continues to try to rescue “Grease.” But the time for a full-fledged ‘NSYNC movie, with all five members, may have passed, according to Lance Bass. Instead of a group movie, a la the Beatles’ beloved “A Hard Day’s Night” or the Spice Girls’ ill-fated “Spice World,” Bass and fellow group member Joey Fatone have chosen to make their movie debuts without the rest of ‘NSYNC. Bass will star and Fatone will appear in “On the Line” (originally called “On the L”), a romantic comedy due this September or October “I think if you had all five guys of ‘NSYNC, people really wouldn’t take the movie seriously,” Bass said recently from the film’s set. This way, there’s a couple of us in it, and it’s a real movie. It really stands up on its own.”

03 – More delays from *NSYNC as Chris Kirkpatrick told Much Music Thursday that Celebrity has been pushed out until July 17th and the first single won’t be out until June. Chris says there still are one or two more songs left before they finish the album.

03 – Chris in Toronto: press conference, Much Music appearance, then to the Eaton’s Centre, promoting FuManSkeeto

04 – Lance’s 22nd birthday

06 – Vibe is giving props to *NSYNC with their 20 questions segment saying “After its smooth cover of That’s the Way Love Goes at Janet Jackson’s mtvICON tribute, isn’t *NSYNC definitely the coolest boy band now?”

10 – Guests on TRL via satellite from New Orleans

10 – New Orleans paper Nola profiled *NSYNC as the band is staying in town to rehearse for their upcoming tour. The writer also gave insight as to where to spot the guys while they are in town.

11 – Debut of “Pop” as rehearsal performance from New Orleans airs on TRL

12 – Last day of rehearsal for the *NSYNC 2001 Pop Odyssey Tour in New Orleans.

12th ish? – The New York Daily News reports Joey taken to a hospital in New Orleans after injuring his leg in a rehearsal, but after getting stitched up, he was able to make the flight to LA with the band as they filmed the video for Pop. Late Tuesday (15th), *NSYNC returned to Orlando.

15 – “Pop” released to radio

17 – Popbitch.com reports Lance Bass insisting that *NSYNC is not a pop band saying, “I think it’s rhythmic harmony dance… RHD. That’s it.”

18 – Tour kickoff at Alltel Pavilion in Jacksonville Florida.

19 – Chris appears on Mad TV

22 – on CBS’s Early Show talking about their new Planet Hollywood t-shirts (or March 22?)

23 – The ‘NSYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone and CD-ROM for PC computers invites players ages 8-12 to compete for a virtual backstage pass by successfully completing five short games, including a bowling segment that features JC, Lance, Justin, Chris and Joey’s talking heads atop pins literally begging to be knocked down. The key component of the game, developed by Stunt Puppy Entertainment, is the Fantasy Phone, a device that acts as a controller when plugged into a PC’s gameport. When it’s not plugged in, it rings the user with personalized updates in the form of text messages and sound bites. For example, fans can receive a birthday message from Lance or be reminded of an appointment. Other challenges, each hosted by a different ‘NSYNC member, include the memory-dependent Quick Change, the mimicking Make-a-Move, Trivia and Charity Challenge, a scenario that finds the guys in a kissing booth. Overcoming each game in order reveals an autographed backstage pass, a congratulatory video message and backstage photos. The game, which debuted at last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, is slated to hit stores in September.

23 – POPODYSSEY tour begins in Jacksonville, FL, with opening acts: Lil Romeo, BBMak, 3LW.

24 – Lance was interviewed on TRL where he revealed the likely answer as to why their tour started so far ahead of Celebrity’s release, saying a stadium tour had to be finished before the NFL season started.

26 – Induction into TRL Hall Of Fame on TRL’s Retirement Home on location from their PopOdyssey tour.

26 & 28? – Hershey Park Stadium concert, Hershey, PA, with opening acts: BBMak, 3LW, Tonya Mitchell.

27 – radio appearance w/Rick Dees, KISS FM, helped countdown the Top 40

27 – *NSYNC has teamed up with the Office Of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to help prevent drug use among young people in the U.S.

27 – *NSYNC and Fuji Film are out with a disposable *NSYNC camera featuring images of the band on the packaging. The cameras will be sold at concerts along their PopOdyssey summer tour. A dollar from the sale of each camera will go toward the band’s Challenge for the Children charity.

28 – MTV airs Making The Video for “Pop”. Included in the show were shots of Joey’s leg injury and Wade Robson getting made up to look like Joey.

29 – Joey paid a visit to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City to have his leg injury further examined, according to inside sources at the hospital

30 – *NSYNC has cancelled the first of its three shows (May 30th) at Foxboro Stadium, as the band won’t have time to set up its massive stage because of a concert festival scheduled on May 26th.

30 – The New York Post reports Lance was spotted on top of the bar at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ at 77th and Second in New York, pouring shots and kissing girls.

31 – PopOdyssey concert at Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, MA, with opening acts: BBMak, Christina Milian, Dream, Meredith Edwards.

31? – Apparently a horny fan at *NSYNC’s show in Foxboro was removed from the concert after grabbing Justin’s Johnson. Timberlake later was said to looked upset over the incident shaking his head over the fan’s outrageous behavior.

31 – *NSYNC, Faith Hill and Britney Spears will be among the artists reading prayers by Pope John Paul on a spoken-word CD coming out in North America during the Christmas season.

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