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25 Days of *NSYNC: Day 10

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*NSYNC 25 Days of Christmas Day 10Back in the late 90s and early 00s, the “feud” between *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys was that mattered when it came to Carson Daly and TRL. Sure, the show played songs by Korn, Eminem, Christina, Britney, B2K and even O-Town, but the other artists rarely made it to #1 when the two biggest boy bands of their day had a single on the charts. Not only did fans vote their favorites #1, but the trash-talking during the little blurbs of why audience members voted for their group’s video were gold.

Eventually, MTV wised up to the fact that the *NSYNC vs. BSB rivalry would be ratings gold and began to play the two groups off of each other –  having fans call in during the show to vote for “new school” videos like BSB’s “The Call” vs. the “old school” video of *NSYNC “This I Promise You,” aka did fans want to see the real #1 of that day or what the #1 video was a year earlier and pitting fans against each other in trivia contests to show their group’s video as #1.

Few fans of either group can claim to be as well known as Tiffany, though. Tiffany was a recurring BSB expert on TRL during trivia games. When she won, she was a trash talker extraordinaire, but when she lost … it wasn’t pretty.

So just like our lost day of the 25 Days of *NSYNC (technical difficulties and all…), let’s run away just like Carson Daly.

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