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JC works with new girl group ‘Girl Radical’

Submitted by on November 15, 2012 – 11:36 am3 Comments

JC Chasez on the first day of filming a pilot with Girl RadicalJC Chasez has been involved in putting together a girl group for the past year. What began as an open call for female singers and dancers between the ages of 18 and 24 on JCChasez.com has now come full circle with the group Girl Radical.

With 12 members (or at least 12 Twitter handles listed on GirlRadical.com), the group has been working with JC and producer Jimmy Harry for the past few weeks. JC has been spotted IDA Dance Studio as the girls work with choreographer Rosero McCoy, who was the supervising choreographer on America’s Best Dance Crew.

Girl Radical also recently filmed a pilot for a reality show that will hopefully get picked up to chronicle their rise to stardom. We need to continue to see JC on television now that America’s Best Dance Crew has been cancelled.

Below are some images from Instagram that have been posted by the group members:


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  • dessy

    JC you are rock @MeeghanRadical @JessieRadical @KotaRadical @AlexRadical and other girls, this group will conquer the world

    • Larry Campbell

      They will not there’s to many of them in this group, it’s like a choir. At this point these girl’s are interchangeable, you could take one girl out and put in a totally new girl and you would’nt notice. I think for these girl’s to become famous in today’s music world JC needs to downsize the group to maybe 4. Girl group’s are a hard sell in music right now, and I’ve never seen a group this large in the business make it big. Another thing they need to drop is the cutesy act. I’ve heard them on the radio and they’re trying to hard to sound like 14 or 15 yr’s old’s, it’s annoying. Even the host thought they were really young teens. These are young women who look to be in their early 20′s, but I guest they’re trying to sell themselves to the pre-teens and teenager’s. Anyway good luck to them!

  • vicki

    I see Meeghan Henry for Girl Radical, represent!!!