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*NSYNC Timeline- March 2001

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Chris, Lance and Joey attended the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios, Orlando

Nordstroms receive their first shipments of FuManSkeeto clothing

Lance spotted at Busch Gardens amusement park, in baggy khakis and fishing hat, on a raft ride

01 – Justin is spotted leaving the Casa Del Mar Hotel

02 – MTVasia.com reports one of *NSYNC’s security guards has been added to the lawsuit filed by 15-year-old fan Danielle McGuire and her parents claiming assault and battery during the incident which took place on 19 November at New York’s Chase Park Plaza hotel.

02 – Launch.com reports Britney and Justin visited Wynonna Judd was in a Los Angeles recording studio along with Ashley Judd.

06 – Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath was given a serious diss by Britney and Justin at Guy’s in Los Angeles, according to the New York Post. When McGrath attempted to say hello to the two, a bodyguard stopped McGrath and the two exchanged words. Spies at the club say Britney witnessed the incident but did nothing.

07 – 3rd Annual TV Guide Awards. *NSYNC’s *Ntimate Holiday Special and *NSYNC Live from Madison Square Garden nominated as Music Special of the Year.

08 – The New York Post’s Liz Smith added credibility to earlier reports that Justin and Britney visited Neverland ranch, only to have Jackson reportedly say to an aide, “Why’d he have to bring her?”

11 – Looks like the *NSYNC official fan club has informed members that meet & greets as they’ve been formatted before won’t exist.

13 – MTVIcon: Janet Jackson, video for “That’s The Way Love Goes”. Justin and Chris appeared in person

13 – Meredith Edwards: That Bass’ first client would be 16-year-old country singer Meredith Edwards (she turned 17 in early March) therefore seemed somehow appropriate. Bass obviously knows something about launching teen acts; as for entering the world of Nashville, said Edwards, “he has got so many friends in country music. He is definitely a great manager. He is the guy who has got the connections, he knows people.” Indeed, no sooner had Edwards landed at Bass’ Free Lance Entertainment than she was holding a contract with Mercury Nashville in her manicured hands. Her debut, Reach, releases May 15 on Bass’ imprint label with Mercury, Freelance Entertainment, while the first single, “A Rose Is a Rose,” is at #44 this week on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Which begs the question: How did Edwards land a gig other 16 year-old girls would give their eyeteeth for? In fact, Edwards reeled in her Bass the old-fashioned way: the two are childhood friends. Both hail from Clinton, Miss., a small suburb of Jackson. Their mothers are friends, and the two have known each other since both were members of the Mississippi Showstoppers touring group. “We have known each other since I was like eight,” says Edwards. “We used to sing together, we lived in the same town. It’s just a really weird connection. He always said, ‘If I ever go anywhere in the music business, I want to take you with me.’ “Still, once Bass reached the lofty heights of superstardom, even Edwards didn’t expect him to make good on his word. “But he was like, ‘Meredith, I want you to be my debut artist for the management company!’,” she trilled. “I was like, Woah! I didn’t really believe him! But we set it all up and it works great.” There are some obvious advantages to having a member of a multi-platinum selling pop group serve as your manager. When Bass squired a virtually unknown Edwards to last year’s CMA Awards show, it made headlines in Nashville and beyond. She toured with ‘NSYNC last fall, opening one of the hottest tours in industry history. The singer admits to being “really scared” on those first gigs… “I didn’t know what [the 'NSYNC fans] were going to act like, if they were going to be responsive or not,” Edwards says. “I’m not ‘N Sync, I don’t sing pop music! But they were great, they accepted it totally. I was really lucky, definitely.” While cynics may wonder how hands-on a manager can be when he’s cultivating his own red-hot artists’ career, Edwards claims that Bass is, in fact, very involved in decisions affecting her career. Furthermore, she notes, Free Lance Entertainment is strictly a family-run operation, so there’s a familiarity factor there. Though she vows she’s strictly country, the coming months will see Edwards open a few more shows for ‘NSYNC, “because that’s such an amazing opportunity. To perform in front of these kids that are these huge fans, it’s such great exposure.”

18 – Planet Hollywood/Challenge for the Children T-shirt debut in New York. Chris, Justin and JC attended the press conference. Lance and Joey were away filming movie.

18 – The New York Daily News reports *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick predicting a dire future for ‘boy bands.’ “I see the vocal groups going away. They’ve been hot a little too long,” he says. “I see real bands that really play instruments being the hot new thing. I’m not saying that *NSYNC is washed up. We actually do know how to play instruments.” Chris says the new album out in June will include the guys using instruments.

19 – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductions, present to Michael Jackson

20 – ‘NSYNC have enlisted the galaxy’s hottest producers, the Neptunes, for their follow-up to No Strings Attached, tentatively set for a June release. The quintet is in a New York studio this week with the Virginia-based production duo. The boys, who have already recorded material in Orlando, Florida, and Los Angeles, have said they hoped to produce the bulk of the effort themselves.

21 – Bri’s birthday?

21 – VH1 airs Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

25 – To add to the overcommercialization of *NSYNC, the guys now have introduced released juice-filled fruit snacks, an official product from Zeeks Inc and Winterland in association with Brach’s and Hot Hits. The snacks come in five fruity flavors: lemon, strawberry, fruit punch, orange and grape and are priced around $3. Each piece of fat-free candy, has one of the guys’ names on it.

29 – Justin spotted outside the Ivy Restaurant in Beverly Hills

30 – *NSYNC showed up to the premiere of their IMAX movie *NSYNC – Bigger Than Live in Los Angeles.

31 – The National Post of Canada reports Joey was spotted “playing tonsil hockey” with Minnie Driver at Toronto’s club Fluid.

31 – Teen People features all the members of *NSYNC except 29 year old Chris Kirkpatrick in their 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 issue.

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