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Flashback Friday: *NSYNC Kiss and Tell (BB Magazine – 1998)

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Justin Timberlake has a big, teethy grin on his face.

He was just asked by BB’s Kristin to think back to his very first kiss, and, well, he’s a little embarrassed,to say the least. But thankfully for you (and the demands of this story!), this music-maker, who adds his awesome vocals to the group’s single “Tearin’ Up My Heart” on their self-titled CD, reveals each and every juicy detail about this monumental moment in his life, which, as Justin remembers, took place in “fifth or sixth grade.”

“It was my third or fourth girlfriend and it was quite an embarrassing situation,” Justin, 17, begins. “She was friends with my best friend’s girlfriend and she lived right across the street from him (in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee).”

Imagine the convenience of having the object of your affection living directly across the street from your best friend, whose house you practically live at anyway!

According to Justin, it couldn’t have worked out any better, aside from him not knowing what to do. It happened one night when Justin and his best friend were over at the girl’s house watching TV.

“I knew this moment was going to have to come soon and I wanted it to be this night,” recalls the Ryan Phillippe look-alike. “Then, all of a sudden, she turns the TV off, hits the light switch off, it’s pitch black, and we’re both like, we don’t know what to say. So I looked at her, I’m embarrassed, and thought we might as well do it and we did and it was great. I was a happy little guy.”

From the look of nostalgia in his eyes, fun-loving mate Chris Kirkpatrick also enjoyed reminiscing about the first time he got to kiss a girl, even if it did leave him with a slight concussion!

“I was 8 years old and we were playing kiss tag (back home) in Pennsylvania,” the 26-year-old cutie recalls. “And this girl, her name was Amy, she caught me-and she was like twice as big as me-and she kissed me. Then she punched my lights out because she was a bully.”

Poor Chris! Considering the magnitude of Amy’s fist in his face, it’s a good thing this innocent punching bag can remember that incident at all.

As for joyful Joey Fatone, he didn’t have to battle of any bullies after his first kiss. Where he was, he wouldn’t have had any room to rumble anyway.

“It was weird. (Some friends) pushed me and this girl Lisa into a closet,” Joey, 21, remembers. “And it was weird ‘cause it just happened. It wasn’t like we liked each other or anything.”

But what’s even weirder than being shoved into a closet with a girl Joey didn’t really like is that the relationship still exists to this day-platonically, that is.

“Even though I was about 10 years old (when the kiss happened), I still keep in touch with her,” this Brooklyn-born babe admits. “I just saw her back in New York. It’s weird still keeping in touch with people that I’ve known ever since I was in first and second grade. So it’s pretty cool.”

As for way-sweet-natured JC Chasez’s first kissable experience, it took place so long ago, he can barely remember it. And that’s not to say JC’s had tons of girls to kiss in the meantime. Out of the five lovable and kissable guys in ‘N SYNC, JC actually chalks up as the most shy and innocent of the bunch. (Don’t forget, when he was younger, he attended a strict Catholic school back home in Washington, D.C. So, you can imagine what he thought might happen to him if he even tried to look at a girl in the wrong way!)

“I guess I was like 6 or 7 years old,” JC, now 22, explains. “Her name was Lea Thompson (no relation to the actress from Caroline In The City). She was cool.”

Six or seven years old, JC? That’s not too shabby, after all.

Perhaps the most elaborate first kiss award should go to Lance Bass, who not only had the most spectators watching him, he was also the youngest of the group to ever lock lips witha girl: just 5 years old!

The setting was at a homecoming dance at South Jones High School, the local high school near his hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. Lance and his kindergarten girlfriend, Bethany (his very first g-f, by the way), were to present the king and queen of the dance with their royal prizes.

“I was the little crown bearer and she was the little flower girl,” Lance, 19, begins. “They always had little 5-year-olds in kindergarten do it. Since we were like boyfriend and girlfriend, they were like, ‘Oh, they’d be perfect.’” Once little Lance and little Bethany presented the winners of the night with their reigning regalia, all eyes were on the tiny twosome.

“We had to take pictures and everything,” Lance says. “Then I kissed her.”

And was Lance shaking in his little boots when everyone at the dance gazed at him upon landing his very first smooch?

“No,” he blushes. “I liked it.”

After learning about these guys’ first smooching experiences, we at BB hope you feel less insecure about your first-kiss encounters. Let’s just hope it’s someone special’s sweet lips that meet your face-and not their fists!

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