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JT’s fake ID? Dawson Leery’s, of course

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Justin Timberlake 90sJames Van Der Beek may be best known to the children of the 80s and 90s as Dawson Leery from The WB’s Dawson’s Creek (remember that television station? Before it was The CW it ran super popular television shows and not a musical chairs reality TV show). Currently he’s appearing as a severely narcissistic version of himself on Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 on ABC.

He’s not someone we’d normally talk about in the same sentence as *NSYNC unless we were putting together a list of blonde 90s heartthrobs which would include Van Der Beek, Lance, Justin, the Hanson boys and Nick Carter.

But, a conversation popped up on Twitter the other day between Lance and Dawson (I’m sorry, his last name is too long to keep typing and calling him James seems weird) when Lance tweeted that he still looked like a teenager in new promo stills for the ABC show.

Dawson, who is actually two years older than Lance, responded saying:

James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery“@LanceBass If you feel old, what does that make me? (other than the old guy who once loaned you & @jtimberlake my ID to get into a club)”

And just like that, a bunch of fanfic ideas were born.

But really, we can see it. Van Der Beek has the same height and build as JT, and they both had those the classic 90s blonde boy hair cut (or curls in JT’s case). Actually, Lance had that hair cut too in the Euro!Sync days. Would have fooled us if we were a bouncer!

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