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My *NSYNC Story: Melissa

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Last Tuesday, I took advantage of a slow news day that coincided with the anniversary of the second time I was given the opportunity to meet *NSYNC to tell the story of why I am a fan of those five men who touched so many lives in the late 90s/early 00s and are still doing so today.

That sparked a lot of discussion on social media with people wanting to tell their own stories of why they love *NSYNC. Since we call our website an “interactive fan letter created by fans for fans” we wanted to once again open the site up as part of our ongoing fan love, we want to feature your *NSYNC stories. If you’d like to share your own, email us at stillnsync (at) gmail (dot) com. – Liz

A Revelation of the *NSYNC Kind – by Melissa (@DiamondDoss)

This I Promise you -Single album - NSYNCHow do you write about someone, or more than one someone, that has been a part of your life for almost half your life?

Feelings and emotions from days and moments stick out in my mind. The first time I heard “Tearin’ Up My Heart” on the radio and wondered who these guys were singing. At 31, you could almost say I have done the whole “Superfan” thing backwards. I liked *NSYNC back when I was younger. I lived for the words sung by these five men in “God Must Have Spent (A Little More Time On You).” I wanted someone to feel that way about me, and for the few minutes that song played, I had that. My teenage heart couldn’t be happier.

So began my love affair with *NSYNC.

Actually it happened before, thanks to The New Mickey Mouse Club – not the cartoon my four-year-old loves, but the singing, dancing “M-I-C … see ya real soon,” with JC and Justin. They were my first taste of what would be *NSYNC. So I knew two of the five faces and voices.

My favorite back then was Lance. Not sure why, just that I liked him the best. Of course, Justin had perfect pitch, JC had the powerful voice, Chris was the ‘one that sang high’ and Joey was that guy who liked Superman and dyed his hair. I wasn’t so big of a fan that I knew their middle names or birthdays, I just knew I liked them. I caught specials, bought more albums as they came out and enjoyed the last of my teenage years as I went into adulthood with them playing on the radio and in big rotation in my CD player.

Once again, a moment stays in my mind and makes me realize why I love *NSYNC. “I’ve loved you forever, in lifetimes before, and I promise you never will you hurt anymore,” played over and over in my mind during a very rough time in my life, one where I questioned my self worth, 5 men made me believe that it would get better. I knew in reality they weren’t mine, but JC’s voice promised me that I was loved. *NSYNC made me not give up on being in love again someday.

After Celebrity came and went, I heard from *NSYNC no more. Of course, I kept up with JC and Justin’s careers as Lance, Chris and Joey did their own thing as well. My CD’s still played, the smile on my face came when I sang along to the familiar words as the music genre changed on mainstream radio.

Fast forward to now. My five year old can sing “Bye, Bye, Bye” almost word for word (and in perfect pitch, too!) and my favorites are Lance and, now, Joey. I credit “Imagination Movers” with my new Joey adoration, thanks tot he episode he was on that I watched with the younger kids. I had to explain to them why Mom was grinning and giggling like an idiot. Of course I’d watched “On the Line” and ‘The Wedding Singer” before now, so that was another nice shot of Joey.

In 2007, I’d get rebuffed from my mother because Monday nights were her Dancing with the Stars nights. She informed me Joey Fatone was one of her favorites, and I let it slide with a smile and didn’t think about it until I’d caught said episode on Disney Junior. Thank goodness for YouTube in the past year and for finding more sites that were great for *NSYNC fans like me who haven’t forgotten that good music was played on the radio back then, that the group never really broke up and they’re just all “doing their own thing.”

I too am hoping for a reunion, even if it is way in the future and will always support JC, Justin, Joey, Chris and Lance no matter what they do and where they go in life. They will always be a part of my heart and be *NSYNC.

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